Why is Stack Overflow so successful?

What is the reason for the amazing success of Stack Overflow?

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Stack Overflow was one of the first

Stack Overflow already started within 2008. Thats 12 years ago. In this time many questions were not listed within google so that they ranked high with a lot of content. This grew over the years to an impressive empire. Now Stack Overflow has a very big user base with massive content online. They have a high reputation level that indicates the links and recommendations of other websites to this platform. 


New programming forums will not ranked high for questions that have been asked and answered already before. Thats why nobody will find the new websites. Stack Overflow and few other platforms will catch all users. All standard questions have already been asked before in the past 12 years so that it is nearly impossible to rank high with own questions.


This success storry of such platforms will continue endlessly. And new platforms will have big problems to find topics not already covered by such websites. Googles search algorithmn gives a big bonus for trustful old platforms with many backlinks. They also produce per day such big number of new content through the big userbase which is also a strong ranking factor. 

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