Why does the statistics of webmaster tools does not match with the search results?

I see sometimes a difference between the ranking shown in Google webmaster tools and the experience I am doing when I search the web. Additionally, I see sometimes weird data. For example, some content of mine ranks in the top 10 results for the keywords WordPress forum. I get very few impression from this and only very seldom users visit my site after clicking at these keywords. Normally this is completely unrealistic as many people search for a WordPress forum out there. Normally I would guess that I get tons of traffic if my site ranks high on Google for this phrase. Can anybody give me details on this?

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This has many reasons

There are three main reasons why the data in the webmaster tools may not match the data in the search results. If you have personalized search, then you might be getting search results that are different from what other people are seeing. Second, the results may depend on the country, and there could be a query bank that shows you as number one in one country, which may not be the country you want. Third, there could be a change in the algorithms. Remember that there will always be differences in the data, and this should not discourage you.


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