Whats the benifit of cloudflare for small websites?

I plan to run an international question and answer forum. Now I want to make sure that the site will load fast everywhere on the planet. I am thinking about using a cdn for this purpose. I am not sure if this is a good idea as its a very small website without any load on it. Does anybody know if running CloudFlare has also great benefits for small websites?

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Go for it

Let me explain how CloudFlare works-

CloudFlare makes sure of very fast cached content delivery from its several data centers. Which makes it unique is, visitor's physical location doesn't lead to slow delivery of your contents. And CloudFlare increase your site's security by segregating any malicious requests. CloudFlare removes codes(like HTML) and combines multiple files into single one to reduce network requests. It serves previously saved images for different requests from different devices.

Now tell me what do you think?

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This does not really answer my question

Thanks for your answer. This I already know. But my question was if it's helpful also for small websites without heavy user frequency. I read that it's more helpful for websites with many users.

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