For what do I need Phyton as web programming language?

I am searching for web programming languages which are relevant to learn. I found that Phyton is a web programming language for some special fields for the web. I would like to know how propagated this web programming language is and if it is worthwhile to learn it. After all I would like to earn my money as web coder.

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These are the reasons

Countless people favor Python over other languages like PHP, C++ or Java because of its efficient and extremely readable nature. These are the advantages of Python -

  • Easy
  • It empowers you to define functions with fewer lines of code
  • Building prototypes is easy on Python
  • Python is the first step to learn other languages
  • Flexibility
  • It is open source
  • It lets you generate human readable URL
  • MySQL, Oracle Django or Postgre SQL uses the database or Python. It will give you better database experience.

The above will tell you why should you use Python for the web programming.

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What is Python?

What is Python?

Python is a simple, intuitive, yet powerful programming language. It is an high-level programming language invented back in 1991. It is a go-to language for beginners because it is so easy and expressive. You can often express concepts with very few lines of code. That's why we choose Python as the programming language for this course!

However, don't have a misunderstanding that Python is only for beginner. It is used in many areas including data analysis, finance, scientific research, artificial intelligence etc. Python is a very powerful programming language and is well supported the community. There are lots of useful packages like Numpy, Scipy etc. It is a programming language that supports multiple programming paradigms like procedural, functional, object-oriented etc. 

In a nutshell, if you can only learn one programming language, Python is your choice!

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