What is the best advice you have had as a frontend developer?

I am a frontend developer and I wish that somebody had told a few thinngs when I began my career as a frontend developer. One of the important things I wish I knew was -- to say 'NO' to projects when you have no idea about it. 
Just because you are a developer, you aren't supposed to know everything and get things done everytime. 

Slacking off is okay and saying no to a few projects you might not be comfortable with is absolutely okay. 

As a developer, what are the things you wish you had known earlier?

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Things work like this


I think to be a frontend developer is a big chance to build something useful. If all goes correct then a success storry may happen. As developer you will definitiveley part of the journey. If you only work to track some hours then this is maybe not the correct job for you. 


You need to see it from the customer eye. If system is as example always down and its always troubling as you are not able to get it under your control, then the customer will be not happy. Without income every customer will have empty pockets soon. But if you really work hard to get things done in time then you may take profit of a success storry. Imagine you were one of the first developers of facebook or google. Do you think these people earn today 10 bucks an hour? I dont believe it.


Its a hard business as almost everything. If you are a dentist, then you have a lot of work each day which needs to be done correctly. If you are a frontend developer it is the same. You need to get things done.You can of course search the big companies which pay better from beginning. But in this case you will never take real profit of the success storry behind it. I think you need to work hard, learn more and get things done. If you want to be successful there will be no other way.

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