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I changed the welcome e-mail text in drupal earlier. Now I would like to use the english version again but I do not know where to find a correct e-mail text for the welcome email text. I am no native speaker, so I am afraid I do some grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes.

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Goto /admin/config/people/accounts and change the text


goto  /admin/config/people/accounts and choose the correct tab for the e-mail text you want to change. If you have no Idea then you can use this text. I created it.


Hello [user:name],

Thank you for registering at [site:name]. Please click at the link below or copy the url into your browser. There you can use the one-time-login to setup your password. The link works only once for security purposes.


After setting up your password you can login at [site:login-url] 



[site:name] Team

[site:name] - The open source coding forum

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