Video streaming from mobile to laptop to web

I have to work with a colleague to create a streaming application that needs 2-4 phones, a laptop and a browser. He works on the mobile app and he has to record video and send it directly to me (the laptop) - like a video stream (let's call it A). I have to receive all the streams from all 2-4 phones (A1, A2, A3 and A4) and display them in a window where an operator will chose how the final stream (B) will look like by choosing from which phone will take the video. B will be shown in a browser page (still have to decide this).

Basically, I have to accept 2-4 phones to connect to me, then I have to intercept the video stream from them and then by selecting from A1 to A4, B will have to display my selection and then redirecting it to a web browser page. This is also known as a video switcher or multicam software switcher.

This is what my app will look like: A1 - A4 will show what phones are sending and by clicking them will change what stream will display B.

------ _________
[A1] |\\\\\\\\\|
[A2] |\\\\\\\\\|
[A3] |\\\\B\\\\|
[A4] |_________|

Can you recommend me a programming language, a plugin, libraries that will help me achieve my goal?

Note: all I found by now is that the audio and video are encoded separately and then assembled as MP4/FLV/WebM/ASF/ISMA and that video and audio are transported over a network using RTSP/RTP/HTTP Live Streaming (or at least these are recommended as far as I understood).

I am reaching to every IT commutnity I know...


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