Video streaming from mobile to laptop to web

I have to work with a colleague to create a streaming application that needs 2-4 phones, a laptop and a browser. He works on the mobile app and he has to record video and send it directly to me (the laptop) - like a video stream (let's call it A). I have to receive all the streams from all 2-4 phones (A1, A2, A3 and A4) and display them in a window where an operator will chose how the final stream (B) will look like by choosing from which phone will take the video. B will be shown in a browser page (still have to decide this).

Basically, I have to accept 2-4 phones to connect to me, then I have to intercept the video stream from them and then by selecting from A1 to A4, B will have to display my selection and then redirecting it to a web browser page. This is also known as a video switcher or multicam software switcher.

This is what my app will look like: A1 - A4 will show what phones are sending and by clicking them will change what stream will display B.

------ _________
[A1] |\\\\\\\\\|
[A2] |\\\\\\\\\|
[A3] |\\\\B\\\\|
[A4] |_________|

Can you recommend me a programming language, a plugin, libraries that will help me achieve my goal?

Note: all I found by now is that the audio and video are encoded separately and then assembled as MP4/FLV/WebM/ASF/ISMA and that video and audio are transported over a network using RTSP/RTP/HTTP Live Streaming (or at least these are recommended as far as I understood).

I am reaching to every IT commutnity I know...


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You should try Java

I think you can build any application with java at ease. Its also possible to use an existing web based solution to modify it for your needs. But I think you can develop the required functionallity best with java.


Off cour you can also use any other application but java can be also simply connected to WordPress or other CMS services so that you can also display the output in a normal web browser if you wish to do that.


With Java you can also create per-to-per connections between all the connected devices. 

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