Tranfer file size ATTO disk benchmark

I'm running windows server 2016 on WMware workstation player and I am testing different RAIDs systems with ATTO disk benchmark. With ATTO I can change the size of files it needs to write/read to/from my RAID setup.  Would changing the size matter for testing the speed (bytes/sec)?

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This will give it a slightly boost

The most relevant variables to speed up read and write speed of this raid setup is the hardware. If possible use the faster MiMe-SSD technology. Also, a hardware RAID-controller will boost the speed of your system.  But also the configuration might make a vast difference. The modification of the stripe size will likely give a performance boost of 5-10%. Also, not only the read and write speed is what you should consider as important. Also, the latency of the hard drives is a ruling factor when it comes to speeding up the hard drives.  If you have many mechanical hard drives then a big file size of the data packages will result in a very big latency. Thats why you should go for the much faster MiNe SSDs as the latency will be 100 times faster.

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