Testing tool for simultanous server connections

Is there any testing tool to test the server and website until which number of simultanous connections the website will be carried out fast?. I remember from the past that there was a good tool for this which allows good realistic testing for websites but I forgot the name of it.

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The following list of load testing tools may help

jmeter will let you simulate user activity. You can also log actions, run concurrent connections and even submit forms. There are various assertion to define the criterion.


httperf a tool which measures web server performance. It will provides metrics output to analyze. It will test logs, affiliate links and web codes for you.


LoadRunner is vastly used as performance testing tools. The Vuser(Virtual User) allows to run the test in form of virtual users. And unlimited number Vusers can be created.

The Grinder is Java-based load-testing framework which you may have under a BSD open-source license. It allows you to create test data on the fly and the let you use external data sources and databases. It supports multiple protocols.


To run Tsung, Erlandg must have to be installed(in case you are running Debian or Debian Based Distors). It was known as IDX Tsunami in the past. It also supports multiple protocols. It's test recorder supports HTTP and Postgres.

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