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I have a question on Solr / Wordpress


I am creating a Workpress site (old newspaper scans in pdf format ) .

In terms of Solr searching , Could I have all the .pdf files in a directory structure (publication/date) locally on the server to serve up the pdf's in Wordpress  with the Solr/Wordpress plugin ? - I have experimented with uploading the .pdf files thru the WordPress interface , but I would like to just serve up the full text search results from the pdf's locally on the server and not have to post them in Workpress.

Also I am looking dfoe any suggestions in terms of Wordpress fromtend templates enhaced for seaching and search results . I dont need all the bells and whistles , just a very straight forward interface that works with moble devices and gives the ability to seach - with a preference for a left bar menu structure.


Total count of 50000 pdf files - give or take 

PS - I am willing to change the front end from WordPress to anything else frontend wise that integrates with Solr if a better solution exists ... 

Latest version of WordPress 5.X and Solr 7.7.0


thank you for your help 

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Sure thats possible

It will be very slow but that's definitively possible. You can configure any home pc so that it works as a server to serve websites to the public.


That's in general no issue at all. Does it make any sense? I think completely not. It will be very slow and you need to set up the server with all security patches etc.


In solr you need to configure the shards or the index. For this, you need to insert the IP addresses of the different servers. There you can set up whatever you like. If you manage the server from home alone or if you use a provider to do this for you makes not any difference. 


But I think it is not possible to bind in the hard drive directly. You need a static IP-address for it.

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