Solr / Wordpress integration



I have a question on Solr / Wordpress


I am creating a Workpress site (old newspaper scans in pdf format ) .

In terms of Solr searching , Could I have all the .pdf files in a directory structure (publication/date) locally on the server to serve up the pdf's in Wordpress  with the Solr/Wordpress plugin ? - I have experimented with uploading the .pdf files thru the WordPress interface , but I would like to just serve up the full text search results from the pdf's locally on the server and not have to post them in Workpress.

Also I am looking dfoe any suggestions in terms of Wordpress fromtend templates enhaced for seaching and search results . I dont need all the bells and whistles , just a very straight forward interface that works with moble devices and gives the ability to seach - with a preference for a left bar menu structure.


Total count of 50000 pdf files - give or take 

PS - I am willing to change the front end from WordPress to anything else frontend wise that integrates with Solr if a better solution exists ... 

Latest version of WordPress 5.X and Solr 7.7.0


thank you for your help 

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