Show Fivestar Voting in a specific position of a view

I want to show the 5 Star Voting in a drupal 7 based website. The 5 star voting should be shown in a specific position of a view. How can I do it. I want to show the 5 Star Voting direct below the profile picture of a comment posted by a user. Other users should be able to vote the comments by 5 Star Voting.

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Install Fivestar module and activate

nstall Fivestar module and activate.

Then go to admin/config/content/fivestar and set you voting tags (default is vote). You can also set multiple tags seperated by comma.

Then go to admin/structure/types/manage/{your content type}/fields for which content type you want to add star rating.

Add a new field. Select field type fivestar. There are 3 options for widget. Select Stars (rated while viewing) for users to rate while viewing the content.

You can also set others widget as per your requirement and save field.

Now edit the field you created for star rating.

There are options like number of stars, voting permission, voting tag etc. Select as per your requirement and save.

Now go to admin/structure/types/manage/{your content type}/display to show rating at frontend.

Drag your field where you want to show rating.

There are also settings for display texts and different options to select which kind star rating you want to show.

Select as per you requirement and save.

Now rating will show at frontend of your content.


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