Where can I find the php.ini file in Linux Ubuntu?5 days 4 hoursSkywalker

I am serching for the php.ini file in my Linux Ubuntu operating system. Can anybody tell me where I can find the php.ini file on the server?

Job for nginx.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status nginx.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.5 days 5 hoursSkywalker

I want to restart nginx with the following ssh prompt

service nginx retart

When I insert it I get the following eeror message


Boot directory is full in server5 days 20 hourschonthicha tutama

The boot directory is full in server. Thats why the server is down. How can this happen? Normally there is enough space on this server. How can I solve the issue?

open socket #29 left in connection 955 days 20 hourschonthicha tutama

I get a nginx 504 timeout at my server. I checked the nginx error log and found the following error open socket #29 left in connection 95. The numbers in this error vary from line to line. What is...

How can I check if my website is infected by malware?1 week 1 daytuckeranddale

Sometimes if I visit my website i see a Chrome website poping up instead my website. I dont know the reason but i think its because my website is infected by malware. How can I check if website is...

Reading/writing speeds in different RAIDS in VMware1 week 5 daysOd Vardara

I'm running Windows Server 2016 on VMware workstation player and I am testing different RAID systems with ATTO disk benchmark. In my system the striping volume reads/writes much slower than a...

How can I run same website in different domains with same database in Drupal 7?3 weeks 1 dayCodebutcher

I want to create another domain for my website. The Website backend and its database should stay as is. I want to use the same Drupal 7 set up. I want to change only the domain and the design....

How can I use SSH-key authentivication to login at my server with my mobile phone?3 weeks 5 daysThe Code

II tried many different Apps to log in to my server via SSH on my mobile. I used the putty-private file for authentication. At my windows machine it works with the key file and the password but if...

How to learn WordPress Theming3 weeks 6 dayscodenovae

I would like to learn WordPress  theaming. How can I design good responsive WordPress themes which are secure and offer a good user experience?

How can i add RSS- Feed with custom code to a Drupal 7 website?3 weeks 6 dayscodenovae

I would like to add RSS Feed aggregation which are searchable to a Drupal 7 website. I need to add this funcionality with a custom module. How can I do this?

How can I add comments feature with views?3 weeks 6 daystuckeranddale

I run a Drupal 7 question and answer website similar to this here. Now I want that users can not only answer questions but also having the possibility to comment on given answers. The moduls which...

The best Freelancer Theme Scripts for WordPress1 month 3 daysCodemaster

I want to build a freelancer marketplace. Therefore I am seeking for a freelancer marketplace theme from WordPress as I am falmilar with this CMS. Can anybody list the best freelancer marketplace...

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL1 month 3 daysCodemaster

I get the following error message when I try to access my website: 

PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL

Can anybody...

How can I restrict tags to be inserted free and only allowing to be inserted from existing tags in Drupal 71 month 4 dayschonthicha tutama

If a user posts something then he can insert also a tag. The problem is, that some people give curious or wrong tag names. I would like to prevent this behavior in the way I am restricting the...

How can I install Xcode Command Line Tools in macOS?1 month 4 daystuckeranddale

I want to do command line development in my mac. As a web developer I need to have this oportunity. I want to test it. How can I install Xcode Command Line Tools in my mac computer?

Is there a way to limit characters of username in drupal 7?1 month 5 daysThe Code

I want to limit the length of a username in my Drupal 7 Website so that it will be not possible to register with a username of unlimited chars. The problem is that very log usernames break the...

The page you requested does not exist. For your convenience, a search was performed using the query 404.1 month 1 weekchonthicha tutama

I created a website with the Drupal 7 CMS. Now I see, if I want to place a comment on an existing article the following failure message:

The page you requested does not exist....

When does Drupal 9 come to market?1 month 1 weekSkywalker

I'm just wondering when the CMS software Drupal 9 comes on the market. Personally, I find that with these updates every time you face incredible problems. An Update on a new Drupal version is...

I want to add a customized registration form below drupal 7 answers1 month 1 weektuckeranddale

I want to offer users the possibility to answer directly to questions with parallel user registration. How can I do this in drupal  7?

When do I need to use " or ' in php?1 month 1 weekSkywalker

When do I need to use " or ' in php? I try to do a calculation with php but i always get parse error. Here is the funktion


I want to show a registration form below the comments in drupal 71 month 1 weekSkywalker

Is it possible to show a registration form direct below comments so that users can directly answer and beside registering at site? How can i do this in drupal 7?

Ranking signals of google search engine1 month 1 weekCodebutcher

I would like to collect here a list of ranking signals from the google search. Does anybody know more ranking signals? I will list here all ranking signals I know. But I can not say if this...

I changed the domain name in Plesk but nothing happens1 month 1 weektuckeranddale

I want to change the domain name of a website. I handle the administration of the server with Plesk. There I changed the domain name to the new name but nothing happens. Does anybody know how to...

Adding comments to answers in drupal 71 month 1 weektuckeranddale

I run a drupal 7 website with a question and answer functionallity. For this the module answers is in use. Now I want, that users can post also comments to answers. Is this possibel? Does a modul...

Showing banner when Google AdSense space is blanck for Druapl 71 month 1 weekCodemaster

Is there a module which allows to show an alternative banner if Google AdSence banners are not deliverd correctly somehow? Sometimes wehn I visit my Website I see the blank space because Google...

Question and answer exchange programme with drupal 71 month 1 weekCodemaster

I want to create a question and answer exchange programme für my drupal 7 website. I installed the Fivestar module, so that users can vote answers. Now i want to give each user a score. The higher...

Select list option only shows one forum instance4 months 2 weeksAndreasOS

I run a forum and i want that users can select by selectbox the forums and subforums. The problem is that the widget slect list only allows to select a main forum. All subforums are not selectable...

Increase disk quota drupal 74 months 3 weeksAndreasOS

I want to increase the disk quota per user from Drupal 7.  Now I face the problem that users can only upload a few images to the server from the website until the disk quota of 2MB is reached....

piwik/matomo dsgvo 4 months 3 weeksAndreasOS

I disabled Google Analytics on my website as dsgvo made it even more difficult for me to use a service like Google Analytics as it stores data from my website users. Its possible to anonymize the...

Multiligual Drupal 7 website5 months 1 weekCodemaster

I want to realize a multilingual Drupal 7 website. I have only a .com domain and i would like to show different data and a different frontend language for each page. I don't want to change the URL...