What is the best advice you have had as a frontend developer?3 weeks 2 daysPalaksinghla

I am a frontend developer and I wish that somebody had told a few thinngs when I began my career as a frontend developer. One of the important things I wish I knew was -- to say 'NO' to projects...

Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS1 month 3 weekssushovan

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS Using .htaccess File forcefully?

Copying server backup to a local virtual machine using tar command2 months 1 daychonthicha tutama

For backing up a Linux ubuntu setup I use this command:

sudo tar -cvpzf backup2018.tar.gz --exclude=/home/server/backup2018.tar.gz -- one-file-system /


Fixing 504 Bad Gateway nginx error2 months 3 daysSkywalker

I have a problem with my website. Since a few days, I only see a 504 Bad Gateway nginx error showing if I visit my website. I followed a lot of instructions on the internet but nothing was helpful...

Tranfer file size ATTO disk benchmark2 months 1 weekOd Vardara

I'm running windows server 2016 on WMware workstation player and I am testing different RAIDs systems with ATTO disk benchmark. With ATTO I can change the size of files it needs to write/read to/...

Dropped my work laptop need data2 months 2 weeksLeaKloss

Hi. I dropped my work laptop in a car last week and it didn’t responding. There is all my work document in it( mostly pdf, word, excel, some pictures). Guys from my office removed a ssd drive from...

How can I generate a SSH-keyfile for multiple Linux machines?2 months 3 weekschonthicha tutama

I want to change the login method for the SSH-connection to my Linux Ubuntu Servers. How can I set up an SSH-keyfile which can be used on many machines? I want to use the same file pair for all of...

Why is the password readable in keyfile.txt?2 months 3 weeksAndreasOS

I use a keyfile for logging into my Linux Ubuntu machines. I unzipped the key files and found that the password is written there in clear text. That is highly insecure. How can this happen?

How can I delete the exisiting public key and replace it with fresh?2 months 3 weeksAndreasOS

How can I replace a public key on a Linux Ubuntu machine with a fresh key file which will be passphrase protected?

How can I check disk space?2 months 3 weeksCodemaster

I would like to check the free disk space at my Linux Ubuntu server. How can I do this?

How can I disable the summary link for posting forum topics in Drupal 7?2 months 3 weeksThe Code

I run a Drupal 7 forum, which I realized with Drupal 7. If people post something in a specially created content type, then I see always the summary link which enables users to insert a summary. I...

Unable to locate package mondo2 months 4 weeksThe Code

I am trying to install mondo rescue at my Linux Ubuntu Server for full system backup. I checked many tutorials on how to do it. There it is all very easy. When I do the same it only says

The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.2 months 4 weeksThe Code

I am trying to install a package on my Linux Ubuntu System. I am getting the following error message

 The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.

How can I install mondo rescue on my server for full system backup?2 months 4 weeksAndreasOS

I want to make a full system backup from my Linux Ubuntu Server. As the disk space is very small on this hard drive I need to back up the files to a remote computer. Therefore I created a virtual...

How can I add static IP adress to a virtual machine2 months 4 weeksAndreasOS

I am running a Linux Ubuntu server on a virtual machine. I use VirtualBox for the virtualization. Now I want to give the virtual machine a static IP address. How can O do this? 

Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)2 months 4 weeksCodemaster

I tried to upgrade my Linux Ubuntu Server OS with apt-get upgrade but it shows only the following error


Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13:...

Password problems with Linunx Ubuntu setup2 months 4 weeksThe Code

I try to install a Linux Ubuntu Server at my virtual machine on my pc. The problem is that when I enter a password then it always says that password and password verification are not the same. I...

I am not able to select the iso file for ubuntu installation of a virtual machine2 months 4 weeksThe Code

I would like to install a Linux Ubuntu OS on a virtual machine. I use the program VirtualBox from Oracle for it. The problem is that I can not select an iso file. I watched some tutorials about...

Which files do I need to backup for backing up a Ubuntu Server?2 months 4 weekschonthicha tutama

I want to back up a Linux Ubuntu server. Since I want to make this backup to a running system without fail, most backup tools are out of the question. Furthermore, the data size of a complete...

How can I hide blocks at specific pages in Drupal 73 months 1 daycodenovae

I would like to hide some blocks on specific pages on my Drupal 7 website. How can I do this?

ERROR: Zend_Db_Adapter_Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory3 months 1 dayCodemaster

I try to open my Plesk admin panel. Now I get the following error code:

ERROR: Zend_Db_Adapter_Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

Can anybody tell me how to...

ERROR: Plesk\Exception\Database: DB query failed:3 months 2 dayscodenovae

I tried to visit a website from me and get the following error 

ERROR: Plesk\Exception\Database: DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error 28 from storage...

How can I change the css design for a block I created with views?3 months 3 dayschonthicha tutama

I want to change the specific design of a block I created in Drupal 7 with views. The problem is, that the CSS tags are the same as at rest of the website so that I can only change all in CSS. Is...

Display "Master" uses fields but there are none defined for it or all are excluded.3 months 3 dayscodenovae

I tried to save field changing in views of Drupal 7 but I only get the following error message "Display "Master" uses fields but there are none defined for it or all are excluded."  and when I try...

The selected style or row format does not utilize fields.3 months 3 daysCodemaster

I want to add a field in views of Drupal 7 but it shows "The selected style or row format does not utilize fields." What is wrong there? How can I change it?

How to let users save their posts before sending as draft3 months 5 daysSkywalker

Is it possible to let users of my Drupal 7 website decide if they want to save their posts before as drafts? I think many people do not have so much time so that they work a few days in their...

My site users are automatically logged out - Drupal 73 months 6 dayschonthicha tutama

I have a problem with my Drupal 7 website. The users of the website are always logged out automatically. They need to refresh site until they get logged in again. How can I fix the issue?

Can you help me in the error I am getting while creating a new core in Apache Solr?3 months 6 daysShalvak Mittal

I have recently installed solr 7.2.1 in my ubuntu 16.04 operating system. While creating a new core index, the apache solr logging shows an error message. The error message looks like this:

Can I set all forum links automatically to rel="nofollow" in drupl 7 admin panel?3 months 6 daysThe Code

I run an internet forum, which I realized with Drupal 7. The users may also put links in the posts. Now I would like to put these links on rel = "nofollow" for SEO reasons. How can I achieve this...

The comments in Drupal 7 are shown double3 months 6 daystuckeranddale

I run a website that I developed with the Drupal 7 CMS. Unfortunately, the following happened. All entries on the page are displayed twice. In concrete terms, the comments on the page are...