Terms of service

Terms of Service



The following terms and conditions apply to users (customers) of all services and offers by Oscar Schreyer Networks represented in the following webprog24.com . The customer confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions and accepts them in full. If the customer does not agree for any reason with any of the items listed here, so the customer use of webprog24.com is not permitted.


webprog24.com is a forum for web developers on the Internet. True to the motto "The next level of Knowledge Exchange", everyone can put his questions about web development and its technologies. Registered members are able to provide answers to the questions from other members to share their knowledge. To get the exchange of knowledge more fair users get credits by answering questions. The credits can then be used to get the own questions answered. The users decide on their own how much credits they want to offer for the question.

The authors of forums posts, comments, websites, profile information or emails are responsible for their own content published or sent! webprog24.com shall not be liable for the published or sent via e-mail contents of its members. webprog24.com has no knowledge of each forum post but tries his best to prevent the forum from spam or inappropriate forum posts. With a large number of forum posts, it is impossible to review every single post. Please help us to keep the forum clean by reporting inappropriate forum posts to us.

As a forum operator, we are responsible for our own content but we are not obliged to monitor third party information and data provided and strangers.


As far as no special agreements between the user and webprog24.com are made and these have been approved in writing by both sides, these Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively of webprog24.com. The customer must notify in writing webprog24.com if it does not comply with the conditions.


The contents of this website http://www.webprog24.com are posted by users of the Internet for the most part self. webprog24.com accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the content. The use of the content on webprog24.com is at the user's own risk. Marked with a pseudonym contributions of members of webprog24.com reflect the opinions of the author and not necessarily the opinion of webprog24.com.

Use of the Forums, blog or surveys

webprog24.com reserves the right to use the written content by users such as posts, articles, information, and surveys, blogs and uploaded pictures, videos. to be published in different media such as newspapers, magazines, or elsewhere on the Internet. The user expressly acknowledges and agree that all rights, especially the rights exploitation and use rights to the material published exclusively webprog24.com as well as the authors themselves entitled. If the published data and information, however, infringe rights of third parties or the applicable laws of the applicable law of the country of destination, this intent does not apply. In this case, the publishing of this information and data is expressly prohibited. Users always need to check on their own if the provided information, code or data from other users is protected by a third party or not. webprog24.com has all rights to edit and change the user posts to correct grammatic or spelling mistakes or other things.

General rules

The service of webprog24.com is available by anyone of the internet. The permission of usage depends on the rights of the country of destination. The services offered by webprog24.com are subject to change. There is no right to the services offered here. webprog24.com may exclude members without giving a reason. There is no general right to use the service of webprog24.com. All services are expressly subject to change. For the information transmitted here at the platform, webprog24.com is not responsible alone. As a forum operator, we are responsible for our own content but we are not obliged to monitor third party information and data provided by strangers. We are not responsible for the content provided and transmitted by strangers.

It must also be noted essentially:

1) You only post truthful, accurate, complete and current information about your registration data. You also agree to promptly update the information ready when you change the registry.

2) Copyright: It is not allowed to use usernames in violation of third party rights. It is prohibited to use brand names, company names or names used by other people. For the choice of the username, the customers are responsible alone. Third party liability claims are therefore addressed directly to the holder of the email address and not against webprog24.com.

The user is responsible for all of his produced and published content. The user should always check if the content is not copyright protected or trademark laws or legally protected material. It is not allowed to publish copyrighted material without the acceptance of the creator. Please check carefully if you are allowed to publish information on webprog24.com. Please contact us if you see a violation of the copyright of any material, code, picture, logos, text or whatever on our website published by our members. It is our policy to respond to each Hint against the copyright of copyrighted material according to http://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf guidance.

Reporting Copyrighted material correct:

- Send your Name, address, email, phone number or messenger ID

- Specify the correct location of the copyrighted material which violates the rights of another party.

- Send some evidence why you think the material is copyright protected.

In the case of a valid detection of copyrighted material webprog24.com will do the following:

- Delete or block the content with the copyrighted material to make sure that it is not published anymore.

- Contact the author for information purposes

- Delete or block the author of the copyrighted material

3) The user guarantees that the produced and published content is truthful and not violate the law of the destination country. In particular, publish or send via email defamatory, content, inaccurate, abusive, indecent, threatening, harassing, profane, sexually aligned, religious, obscene, racist, copyright or trademark legal or legally protected material is prohibited. References to third-party (eg links) that are prohibited include the above and result in immediate suspension or deletion of the user profile on webprog24.com including all account information.

4) Multiple registrations of the same person under different names are not allowed.

5) The Internet is not above the law! The identity can be obscured on the internet but can not be completely erased. Each visit of a website leaves traces on the Internet. It is the duty always to keep the Internet to the laws of the destination country.

6) Failure to comply with the legal provisions can initiate civil prosecution.

7) webprog24.com has the right to cancel memberships for any reason. There is no general entitlement to the use of the offered services from webprog24.com. The forwarding of the email traffic is explicitly without guarantee. webprog24.com strives to provide a good service, but can not give any guarantees for the proper functioning of the service.

8) webprog24.com takes the right to delete posts, move posts or close posts at any time and without providing a notice.

9) The customer is not allowed to transfer the use of its members to other people. The password should consist of the safety of numbers, letters and special characters and contain at least 8 characters. The password should be kept in a top-secret location. Should the user notice that the account has been used by other people, he should report this to webprog24.com. The password should be changed immediately to prevent abuse. In general, the user accepts the responsibility for his own account at webprog24.com. Therefore unauthorized third parties should be excluded from access to the account.

10) webprog24.com attaches great importance to quality. Arguments should be discharged outside webprog24.com. All discussions in the forums, which have nothing to do with the current topic forums do not belong in this forum. Failure to do so may result in a lock or deletion of your account.

11) The post of forum posts with the same content in different forums and subforums on webprog24.com is prohibited. Furthermore, it is not permitted to post content in non-designated forums.


Prohibited misconduct on webprog24.com

• The publication or transmission of pornographic writings and representations

• It is expressly forbidden to attack other people!

• Publication of propaganda or hate speech

• Setting links in forums to Web pages that violate the law or conduct on websites that violate third-party rights.

• Publication or transmission of Rights protected texts or writings. A source or citation is not sufficient here to have legal protection.

• Sent publication or material that violates a third party against patent law, trademark law or other rights.

• Registration under a false identity

• Incitement to criminal or otherwise unlawful conduct.

• Forum Spam

• The user must not in any way take advantage of the platform for illegal activities to harm or influence other users of the Internet. This is especially true for uploading (upload) and sending infected data such as Trojans and/or viruses or other malicious programs. Sending emails with links to the aforementioned infected data is expressly prohibited and may be prosecuted.

• Offering or disseminating or publishing of Download links from illegal software copies, other piracy of any kind, cracks or hacks is illegal and will result in immediate cancellation of the respective user accounts

• The use of contributions from webprog24.com forum in other forums or other websites is not permitted.

• Advertising - contributions in fora, which obviously only have the purpose to advertise will be deleted and lead to account suspension.

• Access via script or Robot on webprog24.com is prohibited

Ignoring these rules may result in criminal prosecution. Please behave correctly on webprog24.com so that no third persons feel disturbed by you. It is possible that harassment occurs on the Service's control. Please inform webprog24.com or their staff if you feel harassed in any form by other users of webprog24.com.



In no event shall the forum operator or their employees from webprog24.com be liable for the published or sent data from users, as these users are responsible for their own content.

In the event that other webprog24.com - users, including unauthorized users or hackers publish adulterated or negatively striking material on webprog24.com please contact us so that we can do whatever is necessary to prevent from this material. webprog24.com is not liable for this material, data or information.


In general, webprog24.com declines any responsibility if there is any legal liability such as:


1. In case of damage, arising from the use of the platform, for whatever reason, for example, by malicious code, viruses, Trojan horses or other unauthorized third parties uploaded malware

2. webprog24.com excluded from the warranty for the functionality of the forum and makes no representations regarding the accuracy, suitability, reliability, timeliness, or accuracy of the information set therein.

3. In the case of unauthorized acquisition by third parties of personal data (f.e. by unauthorized access by 'hackers' to the database) or interception of emails and thus the knowledge of the information contained therein by unauthorized third parties.

4. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions, thereby incurring liability claims of third parties.


The customer shall indemnify webprog24.com and all the staff from all claims of third parties who made these out of possibly existing Trademarks, design patents, utility models, patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, or generally for violations against third parties. The service of webprog24.com or its officers, employees, agents and/or third parties in this respect costs of an adequate legal defense and tracking against the third party shall be borne by the respective user.


webprog24.com has the right but is not obligated to monitor the published data on the forums Blocking of each member or Content is possible at any time and without a problem. Please contact webprog24 if you find content which violates the rights of a third party.


The offer of webprog24.com is subject to change. A permanent service availability can not be guaranteed. Individual functions, Email Sent email receipt, forums, subforums, polls, blogs, etc. possibly can not function properly and will, therefore, be closed without giving a reason. The contributions of created, uploaded pictures/videos, personal messages, etc. may be irretrievably lost.

Termination of Membership

By terminating the membership webprog24.com the data of the user profile and all associated personal data and personal messages will be permanently deleted. In the case of repeated or serious misconduct on our forum, there may be a temporary or complete, unlimited exclusion of our service. The IP address is blocked. Logging in again under a false identity will be prosecuted.


This terms of service are general and can not be revoked in case of use. These terms and conditions are binding for everyone who uses the services of webprog24.com. To delete the stored profile data irretrievable the user needs to delete his user account. Please contact webprog24 to delete the user account and its user profile data.

A cancellation should be addressed to:

Oscar Schreyer Networks OSN

Denickestraße 3

21073 Hamburg


Fax: +494088143802

Email: info{at}webprog24(dot)com


Consequences of cancellation or termination of employment con- membership

In case of revocation on both sides received benefits must be returned with each other. The use of webprog24.com is free so no contribution will be refunded. All posts created on the user identification on webprog24.com maybe but not necessarily will be erased in the event of a cancellation.


Jurisdiction and performance

The court of jurisdiction is Hamburg. The performance is Hamburg. Legal disputes are litigated in Hamburg.

Severability clause

Should any of the items listed here in these Terms be not effective for any reason, this shall not affect the remainder of these terms of use and terms and conditions.

If you use webprog24.com from Germany please read the following terms in German language:


Status: 06/07/2017

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