Necessary hardrive capacity calculation

How much data produces a text post in a forum? I would like to calculate the necessary data size of harddrive for a growing question and answer forum. I can estimate the average number of words in a question and answer but I do not know how much data this produces. Can anybody describe how I can calculate this?

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Estimate your site's space requirements


The following things will help you to find out the necessity of space for your site-

  • Find out the average size of a page of your site by designing a general type of page.
  • Estimate the number of pages you may require. In a case of an e-commerce site, it is easy to pre measure the number. You just have to estimate the number of the product you are trying to sell. But in a case of a blog or forum, it would be much sophisticated.
  • Estimate the approximate number of monthly visitors to your website. Every load of a web page or any other activities like download, upload require bandwidth.So, approximate the hit to the site will give you an idea of required bandwidth.

All these information will give you a clear idea how much space you may require. Besides these, try to find out how your site will grow with time and attract people. 

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I was not talking about bandwidth

You did not read the question. I want to calculate the harddrive capacity which I need.

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