Is it possible to turn normal tags into semantic tags?

I run a drupal 7 forum. Each forum has its own tag by drupal default. Now I would like to know if it is possible to turn these tags automatically into real senantic tags to make searchengines understand the questions in the specific forums better. Does anybody know if a module exists which offers such functionallity?

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I think you did not understand the sence of semantic tags correct

Semantic tags can make software understand the meaning of content of your website. If you just turn the tags for the forum names of your website into semantic tags then this will not increase the comprehensibility of your content to software programms such as search enginges. For this you need a deeper understanding of this topic. I can only recomend to you to have a deeper look at the following topics:

  • HTML 5 Microdata

You need to understand this topic fully, so that you are able to prepare a structured content site formated by semantic tags. If you use a cms like WordPress or Drupal you might find some modules which cover this field.

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