I would like to ssh my Linux Ubuntu machine on a VM hosted by Windows 10

I want to back up a remote Linux Ubuntu server using the rsync command. For this purpose, I installed a Linux Ubuntu system on VirtualBox hosted on a Windows 10 PC. Now I tried to connect to the Linux Ubuntu system on the VM via SSH but it fails. I followed a lot of instructions on the internet but all suggestions did not help.

  1. I installed ssh per apt-get install openssh-server and checked if it is running with 

    ps -aux | grep ssh

  2. I set up a Bridged adapter setting Promiscuous-Modus to allow for all VM's and hosts
  3. I set up another NAT adapter enabling port forwarding TCP from 2201 to 22 the host and guest IP i left empty there.
  4. I checked IP with IP address and it showed me a static IP
  5. I tried also to edit the ssh_config using vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config. I added PermitRootLogin yes and HostBasedAuthentification yes and PasswordAuthentification yes

All seems to be right but it is not possible to ping the VM from outside or to connect to the VM with putty or WinSCP via SSH from the Windows 10 host PC. Can anybody help me?

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