I heard that hackers often get access over the htpaccess

I heard that hackers often get access to the htaccess file to infiltrate the system. Is there a way to protect this file or to move it somehow to make it more difficult for hackers to alter this file? Is there maybe a good Drupal 7 module to do this?

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Try passwordless authentication(SSH public key)

Try to use a passwordless(like SSH public key) method for authentication. Try to avoid this method in case your site is already affected with malware. In case you are using FTP, hackers may try to access your site using your password. If hackers have the access through your password what they have to do is to upload the modified files. So, Be careful of your password. The best way is to inhibit where FTP can be accessed using your firewall. And you also can change the permission to 444. It will restrict the access of the .htaccess file.

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