How many 301 redirects are allowed to be used at a website?

I am switching some content from 1 domain to another. To show Google that the content is moving I created some 301 redirects to the new destination of the content. I would like to know if there is a limitation of the number of 301 redirects from Google's site?

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There is no direct limit of 301 redirects

There is no limit to the number of 301 redirects or any redirect for that matter. As long as you use the redirects to improve the user experience, there is no problem. However, if the redirect is not permanent, then you need to use a 302 redirect. What you need to remember is that there is a limit to the number of chain redirects that Googlebot can follow.


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There is no limit but try to maintain some rules

Don't waste your time thinking of the number of 301 redirects of your site. There is no limit for 301 redirects. But when using them keep the following in mind-

  • Do not redirect to the home page of another site. Instead, use 301 redirects to the URL of the information you are pointing to on your own site.
  • Avoid unnecessary 301 redirect links. They even may hurt your SEO. Redirect to home page( from the previous point) may also seem unnecessary.
  • Think carefully before using the redirects. Use the 301 redirects only for permanent redirecting. If the link you want to redirect will remain only for a period of time or so, then instead of 301 consider using the 302 redirects.
  • Try to use only one hop to redirect to another link instead of using multiple hops from one link to another to another and so on.

There is another video of Matt Cutts which discusses the same problem.

From the video above and the video of the previous thread, you can assume that-

Try not to use more than 2 or maximum 3 redirects in a redirect link. More than that will discourage Google to follow the links. Too many redirects in a link chain is behind bad impression and user experience. And moreover, every redirect you use will slow down your page. This is another reason of bad user experience to happen.

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