How to let users save their posts before sending as draft

Is it possible to let users of my Drupal 7 website decide if they want to save their posts before as drafts? I think many people do not have so much time so that they work a few days in their leisure time at forum answers etc. So I would prefer to let the users decide if they which to publish the content immediately or if they wish to save the posts before as a draft. Ist this possible with Drupal 7?

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There are few ways to do it

There are a few modules which might be helpful for your desired functionality. Please check out the following Drupal 7 Modules: 


Save Draft: The name is self-explaining. It is a simple but stable module which allows site users to save their posts as drafts before publishing. It's pretty simple but it does what it is supposed to do.


Workflow: The workflow module is more complex but also considered as stable. With Workflow, you have more flexibility of the permissions to be granted to special roles. Also, actions can be set up when a post changes the publishing state.  For example, an email could be triggered when a post changes the status from unpublished to review. This module comes with a lot of features. Therefore it is not this lightweight. It is a complete set of modules.


Publish Content: Another lightweight but a stable module for the desired functionality is the Publish Content module. It simply allows administering roles that have the permission to set their content in published or unpublished status. 





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