How to integrate CopyScape modul in drupal 7 website

I want to integrate the CopyScape premium service into my drupal 7 based website. Can anybody give me tips? I want to run a forum software and I need to verify that content posted there is no plagiarism.

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Install copyscape module and activate it.

Install Copyscape module and activate it.

Then go to admin/config/copyscape/settings and set a username and API key (If you have already registered at or make an account).
Do not change API URL field. You can use HTTP/HTTPS for API URL.

You can also bypass copyscape checking by providing user ids or roles there.

You can set max fails before a user is blocked.

Then go to admin/config/copyscape/settings/content and set for which contents you want to add copyscape checking.

Just check the checkboxes you want to check by Copyscape API and save your changes.

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Somehow its still not working

I did all things mentioned above but somehow it's not working. I can not see any Copyscape function at Drupal nodes. Do you have some tips for troubleshooting?

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