How important is page speed to get a website ranked top in search engines?

Is speed more important than relevance? Does anybody know how important the ranking factor page speed is? Is it even more important than the content relevance itself?  How much priority does Google measure the page speed today? Can anybody give hints on this?

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Relevance is most important

Relevance has always taken the first position when returning the best results. Obviously, it is important that the page speed is good because your users will get a better experience. However, speed is just one among the many factors that are used to rank a web page.


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Page speed ensures user satisfaction

It was not long ago when Google page speed as a regular ranking signal. It was inaugurated in 2010. In a research on 2009, Google found that, page loading time is important for user satisfaction. So, page speed was inaugurated to ensure better user experience. Like Matt Cutts explained on the video from the previous thread, low page load time will increase the surfing time of users on your site.  Here other measures need to be considered. Don't get afraid, page load is not a major factor to determine PageRank. In a blog post in 2010, Google stated that a meager percentage (1% if I be more specific) of sites on the web get penalty for this reason. So, stick to the relevancy is more important. But, there is another thing to be considered when we mention page load. Search engines may require much longer time to crawl and index slow loading sites.

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