How to get automatically generated content ranked on Google search

I would like to know if it is still possible to get automatically generated content ranked high on Google. I run a price comparison website and many category pages show a list of products and prices completely automatically generated from database and code. I would like to know if there is a chance to get such pages ranked in Google. There is a general problem with this website as most content is automatically generated and some other articles are about deals. The problem with deals is that there are many product descriptions for the same product out there. If there are 400 product descriptions available on the web then I guess it is nearly impossible to rank better than Amazon of eBay as they have always the best description and high PR for their sites. Can anybody give me some tips regarding this problem?

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Not all automatically generated conten is considered as bad content by Google

Not all content that is automatically generated is considered bad by Google. The problem is when you start reusing RSS and affiliate feeds and content that get scraped from other places. Google’s primary focus is to provide high-quality content for its users. Automatically generated content, while attractive, can cause a lot of damage, if not properly monitored.


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