How can I transfer files between two remote linux server?

I have to transfer files from one remote remote server to another remote server. Both servers run on linux. I have root access to both. How can I copy the files? It would be a great help.

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Use -P flag to specify port for both host server

 The port assigned by the '-P' parameter works with the 1st server, but the port for the second server remains the same. This -P flag defines the port for remote to remote file transfer for both servers. But ssh cannot define the port for both.

ssh -P 1111 [email protected] [email protected]

For the solution of the second problem, just edit ssh_config file at this directory /etc/ssh/ssh_config.

Host *
Port 1111

This will set 1111 as port of both servers. It is not mandatory to use 1111, you are free to choose for yourself. Hope this helps.


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