How can I add a newsletter sytem into my WordPress website

I need a newsletter system that will be integrated into my WordPress website. I checked few plugins but none of those integrated the subscription into the registration form. I want to offer the newsletter only to WP users.

Can anybody help me out here?

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The Newsletter plugin can do that

Read the documentation of the Newsletter plugin carefully. You can do what you need with the plugin. Thats absolutely no issue.

First, you ought to introduce the free module either physically or naturally from your WordPress module board. The most recent rendition of Newsletter can be found in the WordPress repository. Updates will be told straightforwardly from your blog (it's a WordPress highlight) and you can refresh it legitimately from your authoritative boards. 

Once introduced, the module is prepared to gather memberships. The simple strategy is to move to the gadget board and search the Newsletter gadget. Drag it on your sidebar and you're done: open your site and attempt to buy in your self. 

I'd prefer to have Newsletter module to show messages in a WordPress page, so they look better and they are in the blog setting. Utilize the "Membership" board and you'll discover a catch to make that WordPress page for you. You can re-alter that page to change the title, for instance, yet leave the substance as at first set. 

That page can be utilized as membership page too, with or without the gadget. 

Presently it's an ideal opportunity to interpret the open messages (or to keep in touch with them in a tolerable English or with your style). Try not to stress, not weird document to alter. Everything is inside the "Membership" board. 

There you can discover the membership message (the one clients see when they enter the page you made previously), the affirmation required content, the greeting and the unsubscription messages. All messages sent during the membership procedure can be modified too. 

Truly, it requires time, however recall this is the face you're appearing to your exceptional perusers (uncommon on the grounds that they're turning out to be supporters). 


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