How can I add html siganture to Answers in Drupal 7

I would like to add a possibility to add a signature in forum posts. My forum was realized with the answers modul so that it is no real standard forum. Is it possible to add a signature so that each user can show his small logo there?

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Modul Signature for Forums works

The Modul Signature for forums works also for the answers module. I tested it. It showed the signature in front of the answer and not at the bottom. I think this could be fixed easily. The module enhances the account setting section of the drupal configuration. It adds an extra section where the signature can be administrated. The module looks great to me. It does what it is supposed to do. I don't know why the links in the answers module were displayed at top but i gues this could be fixed.. Only problem with this module is that it is not covered by the security advisory policy of Drupal. This means you can not be sure if this module is realy save. Maybe it contains critical vulnerabilities so that hackers might get control over the system. I would think twice, if this module is the correct choice for you.

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