How to build own browser based on open sourse browser projects like chrome

I want to build a browser with existing open source software. I heard that chrome is also an open source project. Can anybody help me? Is it realistic to build an open source browser?

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New browser will truly be an ambitious project

There is another post which answers your question partially. It explains the misconception on your question about Google Chrome. From the post mentioned above-

Google Chrome isn't an open source product. But Chromium is. Chromium is a project founded and run mostly by Google devs and volunteer. Chromium doesn't track you like Chrome does. Google takes the sources from chromium and adds some extra features which end in Chrome. So, you cannot take the source of Google Chrome to manipulate and create your own browser. But you certainly can use Chromium's.

I don't think building a new open source browser is a realistic project at all. People don't use browsers only to surf the web nowadays. It also provides them thousands of add-ons and extensions to go along with their preferred service. Different web services hired developers to integrate what they provide to the browser. You need to do all these alone to get the attention. Or you can hire developers which will not be cost efficient at all.

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