How to build a forum with WordPress

I want to build a forum website with WordPress cms. Does anybody know how to do it?

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Use these plugins to create forums

I will name some plugins which will help you create a forum. A forum may be of different types. It may take the form of Course Discussion, Social Networking, Support, Product Questions, Q&A. Enough intro, let's have a walk through the plugins to be used - 

  • Dw Question & Answer - create a question and answer forum just like StackOverflow. It will give users the freedom to ask questions, answer, vote up or down and the plugin will automatically find out the post's popularity and keep exposed.
  • Forums - allows distinct users of WordPress Multisite network to add a forum to their site individually.
  • BBPRESS - most developers keeps it in the first position of their choice which is not an overstatement at all. The people behind WordPress are also made it happen. They made it simplest and lightweight way to create a forum using WordPress. It is the best solution is you are trying to create a support forum. Even you can make any change in posts, comments or topics you want directly from the dashboard. And It would cost you nothing.
  • Forum – wpForo - supports multi-layout, which made it suitable for forums like class discussion and Q&A. Even it comes with customizable functionality and different device friendly look.The most promising thing to me is its easiness of moderation.
  • BUDDYPRESS - gives you a forum with the taste of a social networking. It supports BBPRESS, which means you can enjoy the functionality of it in a different look. It is also a gift from the maker of WordPress which comes with no cost just like BBPRESS.
  • CM Answers - a perfect tool to create Q&A forums like StackOverflow. Users can upvote and downvote in the relevant case.  It comes both in a free and premium package.
  • AnsPress - another tool for Q&A. Some features like moderation, question tags are built in here.

I can name few more. I would suggest you try a few and find out which suits you the best.

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