Has Google a cost free tool to find the ranking for the websites's keywords?

Is there any free tool from Google site which shows the ranking of the websites' keyword ranking? I know there are some good SEO suits and tools out there which cover these fields but these are really very expensive. Is there an alternative for these tools which cost a lot of money? How can I find the keywords I am ranked for with my website?

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SEO just does not work like this

It isn’t enough just to do a search, scroll through to find out if you see yourself. That is not the right way to approach SEO. What you should look at is the conversion rate and the long tail, as well as all the keywords that can bring visitors to your site. Ask yourself how much your snippet, which is determined by your meta-description, makes people click. Is your title enticing enough that people click on it? Is your content useful for people, and what is the conversion rate? You should not just focus on your rankings.


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