Good forum moduls for Drupal 7

I created a forum website with the Drupal 7 cms. I installed the advanced forum module and this works great. Now I would like to enhance the functionallity of the forum. Therefore I am searching for additional forum modules for Drupal 7. Does anybody know more forum modules which can be added to existing Advanced Forum to enhance the forum features?

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Have a look to these modules

Have a walk with me for a couple of minutes when I explain some of the unprecedented modules can be used for increased functionality of Advance Forum Module. I will try to enlist some modules with short descriptions.

  • Privatemsg - this module enables the capability to search and send a message privately. It also can enable email notification for new messages.
  • Quote - doesn't the name say it all?
  • CAPTCHA & reCAPTCHA  - CAPTCHA prohibits spam and malicious contents from the submission by challenging any user using any Drupal site. While the later module eases the CAPTCHA  by using Google's new reCAPTCHA.
  • User Stats - may provide information and statistics for any specific user. The information may cover the joining date, last active time, the number of posts, online and/or offline status and much more. 
  • Flag - helps to mark contents. There are several modules for this job. Some worth mentioning are DLike, Flag Hide & Mute, Flag Friend and much more.
  • Custom Search - changes the search bar into an advance search bar and let them manipulate their search according to interest.
  • Subscriptions - let the users get along with their interests like posts and comments to be followed. It let the users even to manage their subscriptions.
  • Comment Permissions - lets users control who to get the permission over commenting. 

I mentioned few, there are a lot yet to be discovered by me. Some of them have not passed Drupal's security policy yet. 

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