Forum topics are not included into xml sitemap of drupal 7

I use the XML sitemap module of Drupal 7. The problem is that the existing forum topics are not included into sitemap somehow. In the settings of this module, I checked "include forum topics" with priority 1.0 Somehow forum topics are counted as zero but there are lots of forum topics available. Does anybody know how to fix this issue ?

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Please check the content type

Go to the content list of your Drupal website and check if the content you posted is really a forum topic. Maybe there is the mistake. I had the same problem as I installed the answers module of Drupal. This module gives the name questions for new forum topics. You need to include questions type into your XML sitemap.

  • Go to XML sitemap in configuration area of Drupal
  • Click settings tab
  • Click below the option Content
  • There you need to click the link to edit Questions content type
  • Then you can include questions in your XML-sitemap
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