Drupal does not send emails anymore

Drupal stopped suddenly sending emails. I found that users could not register due to email sending problems at website. I checked the dns records and compared them with another domain. There all works correct. I waited now 30 min and its still not working. I checked also Plesk and site email adress. All seems to be correct. What is wrong there?

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You need to check few things

You need to check a few things at your drupal website

  • E-Mail in website information needs to be same as in Plesk
  • If there is no email then you need to setup in Plesk a new E-mail
  • dns settings need to be correct
  • you need to check sending method, maybe there is a modul like smpt with incorrect settings

If you say that you have another domain with same settings then it should work. I would also recommend to check if there is smpt module in use. Maybe some settings are wrong

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