Dropped my work laptop need data

Hi. I dropped my work laptop in a car last week and it didn’t responding. There is all my work document in it( mostly pdf, word, excel, some pictures). Guys from my office removed a ssd drive from my laptop and I went to recover company near my office. They couldn’t extract any data from it and say this is impossible( Is there any chance to get it? It don’t know what to do((

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Search for more sophisticated data recovery company

To recover data from a defect SSD drive is not this easy. Not every data recovery company has the correct know-how. You need also the correct hard- and software to recover the data. The equipment is quite expensive so that not every recovery company can fix complicated SSD hardware defects in order to recover the data. You need to check out another data recovery company which is done by an electrician. If your laptop dropped to the ground then probably something got broken. You can open the SSD and check with a loupe if you see something broken there. If as an example the connector is broken then this might be fixed by an electrician. To recover data from a defect SSD is in most cases not this easy. This will cost a lot of money as the recovery company needs to fix the SSD in order to recover the data. If you have no clue about SMD technic then you should search for a highly specialized SSD data recovery company. This will be for sure not this cheap. Many data recovery companies are still specialized in recovering data from mechanical hard drives. They simply do not have the required equipment and software to fix complicated SSD hard drive defects.

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previous author is right

What to aware you - not everyone can do recovery data from ssd, i got the same respond not from one but from data recovery companies. I think it’s it, and my data lost forever, but decided to give it one more shot and boom - https://www.datarecovery.net/ -recovered all my data. Eventually!! Try this guys they a great}

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