Domain name change in Plesk does not change anything

I want to change the domain name for a domain I manage under Plesk. In addition, I changed in the hosting attitudes with Plesk simply the Domain name. Of course, I have also changed the DNS entries of the domain and checked by ping. The domain is resolved correctly and forwarded to the correct server IP. I have been waiting for about 30 minutes. Normally, the website should now be displayed. I only see a standard page from Plesk and not the website. What can this be?

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The dns information needs to be propagated

It may be that the DNS settings have not yet been completely propagated. Sometimes that takes a long time. A server ping can provide quite different information because there are several large DNS servers on which this information must be propagated. Therefore, it may take a little longer. The DNS information needs to be propagated to many the dns server. DNS servers use caching technology to deliver the correct IP redirection when a user types in a domain name in the browser. It depends on the nameserver provider how often the dns cache is cleared. That’s why this takes some time.

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