Does anybody know what rkhunter for linux can do for me?

Can anybody explain me in detail what rkhunter can do in detail for me and if there are similar applications which can be also helpful?

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RKHunter will protect you against malicious intrusion

When you get connected to the internet, your computer gets exposed there. For security in an open internet world, you have to invest continuous effort. When connected, you may get attacked by malicious software and programs from the server you are trying to access. And that creates the potential threat to your computer. Among many one potential threat is rootkit which is a computer program set up to get incessant access to the server security when it is compromised by a malicious intruder. And open source tool with GPL license RKHunter comes here to secure you from such threats by inspecting known rootkits database and ensuring system files, unusual permissions assigned to them and their properties.RKHunter is the short form of Root Kit Hunter.
This is what RKHunter do for you.

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