Do external links with nofollow attribute crash PageRank on a frontpage of a website

I would like to know if external links with nofollow attribute in content has a negative SEO effect. Do nofollow links in content reduce the PageRank of a website?

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Use nofollow with care

You should only use rel="nofollow" for following cases-

  • Sponsored/Paid links. In such cases, if you don't use nofollow, Google may penalize you.
  • Untrusted content. This will discourage spammers to attack your sites.

Even Google encourages webmasters to use nofollow ins above-mentioned cases. Except those, using nofollow may not be so helpful even cause harm to your SEO. If all outbound links may let Google think that your site is full of sponsored/paid links. Google may seem your site an affiliated site. Relevant sites linked from your site will create an impression to Google that you are an authority site. if the outbound links are trustworthy and relevant, I would say, don't use nofollow.


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Use nofollow for untrustworthy links

The question was

As many webmasters are linking only in nofollow killing the natural way of links, do you think Google will penalize people who only link out with nofollow attribute in the future?


In response to the above-mentioned question, Matt Cutts assures total percentage of the web with nofollow attribute is very low. And he also said that there is no reason for Google to penalize a site only for using nofollow links. In his voice-

So, I certainly do not expect that Google will penalize people who only link out with nofollow. If someone doesn't want to link out and want to use nofollow that's their choice. If they choose not to participate in the conversation. then people may not link to them as well, or they might not find that they have as good of an experience for users or for whatever reason they are not willing to link. A lot of times they won't link to other sites that are good for users.

So, I think he tried to say that, if you use nofollow everywhere on your site, others may also use think not to engage your site using your links as well. The previous thread explained that it is a good practice not to use trustworthy and relevance sites. I think if you use nofollow everywhere, it may confuse the search engines to measure whether the sites are trustworthy or not. So, I will tell you to use nofollow only untrustworthy links. You may let the trustworthy user use link other sites but take care of the links with no authentic reviews users. You can use nofollow to new users and in the comments sections.


Hope this helps.

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