Difference between foss SSL certificate and paid service

I would like to know if the free possibility to setup an SSL certificate has any drawbacks in compare with paid services from the hosting providers. Can anybody give some information there?

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Here are the main differences


I mentioned the main points where free and paid SSL differs. Hope this will be helpful for you.

  • Free SSL certificates only provide Domain Validation (DV) option which is only a basic level of authentication. It is mainly used for small business and blog sites. Unlike Free SSL, paid SSL provides Extended Validation(EV) and Organization Validation(OV). These are certainly important for business sites.
  • Certificate Authority (CA) of Free SSL does not validate only the identity of the website owner, nothing else. Unlike Free SSL, on paid SSL it is mandatory to verify the identity of the site owner along with deep verification is ensured in case of OV and EV for Certificate Authority.
  • Free SSL certificates come for a short period of time. It is issued on ly for 30-90 days. You have to renew it within a short time interval. But, paid SSL may provide you for 1-3 years.
  • CA from paid SSL will provide you 24*7 support through chat, email or over voice. But free CA doesn't provide this type of support to their customers. 
  • Paid SSL certificates come with warranties which will pay  10,000 and 1.7 million in the case of failure. But for free SSL, you just have to consider it as a bad fortune. 
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