The comments in Drupal 7 are shown double

I run a website that I developed with the Drupal 7 CMS. Unfortunately, the following happened. All entries on the page are displayed twice. In concrete terms, the comments on the page are displayed twice. I use the module Answers. I think that the error occurred when I forgot to enter the title. Maybe something got broken in the database. I checked the database but I could not find any double entries How can I solve this problem?

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Deaktivate few modules

I can not tell you what that is. But I have had this problem before. I simply deactivated the module Answers at short notice and then activated it again. I noticed that Best Answers was disabled at once. I then activated it again and then run update.php once. After that everything worked again. As I said, I can not tell you exactly what this may have been.


Typically, this problem can only occur if duplicate entries actually exist in the database. However, this can not happen without further ado if countless entries already existed. That there must have been a problem with the output. This can e.g. lie at the mycelium query. Possibly. is this faulty. But even in the theme, the ad could have been issued twice. But why would that happen out of the blue?


The most likely is that a specific event, such as the lack of a title, has resulted in a module being uninstalled. I can not tell you exactly how that is related. As I said. Just try deactivating some modules. After activating it should work again.

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