Is the checkbox captcha "I am no robot" effective?

I have seen a captcha relative often which only shows a checkbox with the text "I am no robot". A click on it and the form will be saved. Does anybody know how effective this spam protection method is? I think it is really user-friendly. Does Drupal 7 support this kind of captcha? Does a module exist to implement this easy capture?

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This is the dedicated module for reCAPTCHA

This kind of CAPTCHA is really user friendly. And certainly there is a dedicated module to use it on Drupal 7. reCAPTCHA is a module which uses Google's web servicef for better CAPTCHA system. It lets human visitor a easy pass.

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Thanks for the information

Yes ok, but I would also like to know how effective this kind of captcha is. Can this kind of captcha exclude bots to 100℅?

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I wouldn't say it is 100% bot preventive

Every security system has its flaw. Bots can bypass reCAPTCHA using a method known as  clickjacking or UI redessing. To bypass bots may use a site's data key or public key which they want to access and disable another site's refer header and ask a user from the second site to solve the reCAPTCHA for them. Then this solved response may be used by the bots.

I think you got my point.

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