Can you enhance Scrum in your team with new software?

In our company, we are curious if you can really improve a Scrum understanding and awareness through applying new software to take care of Scrum quality? What are your experiences on the matter? 

We would be extremely grateful if you filled out this short questionnaire Google questionaire on the subject.

Perhaps we would even be able to create a solution that can help you out in everyday project struggle :)



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The Prevalence of Mobile Applications

With the revolutionizing world our lives have evolved entirely. Every other person is equipped with the latest technology whether it is a mobile phone or any existing application. The developers of app development company California and agencies are pulling off innovative and creative ideas for mobile applications that have created a positive impact on our lives. The mobile application has made our lives hassle-free and serene. Everything we want whether it is online shopping, ridesharing, food order etc is just a click far. We could avail anything in the comfort of our home. Don’t you think?

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