Can I set all forum links automatically to rel="nofollow" in drupl 7 admin panel?

I run an internet forum, which I realized with Drupal 7. The users may also put links in the posts. Now I would like to put these links on rel = "nofollow" for SEO reasons. How can I achieve this in Drupal 7? Is there maybe also a way to set some links in the forum manual to dofollow?

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This can be setup in the text format settings

Go to Configuration -> Text formats. Below you can see the filer options. Go to the tab Limit Allowed HTML Tags and check the checkbox Add rel = "nofollow". There are several text formats, such as HTML, Filtered HTML, and Plain Text. For all these text formats, the checkbox "Add rel =" nofollow "must be selected and saved, and then it should work, you should test it of course. Therefore you can just look at the source code.

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