Can CDNs have a positive effect on SEO of international websites?

I wonder if a CDN service can have a positive effect on SEO of the website. Can anybody prove evidence that a CDN is really a good idea?

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Let's say CDN helps you for SEO

I am certain that you know how CDN works. So, I will try to explain what impact does CDN have on SEO. CDN provides contents to the users from multiple servers around the globe. Using CDN will make your site load fast. And page loading time is a well-accepted factor for PageRank in SERP. Google always tries to ensure better user experience. Even Google takes several measures to find out the satisfaction about a site for good user experience  A fast loading site will ensure your users a good user experience. When you are using CDN, Google will index your site from the nearest location it finds. Most probably it will index your site from your CDN providers US server. It takes us again to the load time. CDN will shorten the load time not only for your users but also for the search engine bot of Google. Short load time for Googlebot will certainly help your site's SEO. And CDN also minimizes the risk of hack and attack and/or crash of your site. As you site is in several servers simultaneously. If all the above-mentioned processes are performed perfectly and hope your CDN will pay you well, then you will get more visitors than expected. User experience will encourage your users to share the contents with their friends and Google will take care of the rest by ranking your site higher. It is the goal of SEO, isn't it?


Like all others, using CDN has also some flaws. CDN needs to be well maintained and configured. In case you run a large scale business with multiple segments and want to keep your users updated with all of these, you must have to maintain it correctly with several data from multiple sources to present correctly on your site. This may not a be a problem, but in case, you should keep this in mind. So, if you cannot configure it the right way, it will create a bad impression to the users and affect you SEO too.

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