Drupal has become popular as an open source CMS for businesses. It powers websites such as Twitter and the White House. Moreover, the fact that it has a large developer community means that it is poised for lots of innovation. Drupal’s popularity has resulted in too many job offers that exceed the available supply for Drupal talent. This means that there is no better time than today to become a Drupal developer.

Now is the best time to learn WordPress development. The platform has an active community and there is a lot of effort going into improving plugins, theme development and localization among others. Also, an increasing proportion of the web is being powered by WordPress websites and applications. Therefore, you should take some time to look into it even if you consider it a hobby.

Similar to other content management systems, Drupal receives periodical security updates. However, there is a likelihood that certain vulnerabilities in themes and modules can be used by hackers. Studies show that modules contributed by the community such as themes pose the highest risk. In many cases, the contributed modules are the reasons for Drupal core’s vulnerability.

There are many employment opportunities in the open source world. You can either be a programmer, an artist, a document writer, a designer, a tester or work in sales and business development. The challenge is not finding the ideal job for you. It is putting you in a position where you have everything that a prospective employer expects in a candidate. You can get any job you want, so long as you are willing to work hard.

By protecting your website, you also protect your business. Most CMS platforms available today are versatile and can be easily updated. However, there are incidences that arise from time to time when hackers try to modify a website’s content. Security is a major concern for most webmasters, meaning that they need to keep their websites secure so that they can function at their best.

Cloudflare is an internet security and performance company. The company provides reverse proxy and CDN services to a large number of enterprises around the world. Cloudflare has an extensive network consisting of millions of clients. The company is impartial towards content, meaning that it serves businesses in different niches. Cloudflare has, thus, acquired a lot of knowledge on server performance and security.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing your website’s visibility on organic search results. There are many ways to alter search results. If you are new to SEO and even if you are an advanced user, many tutorials can help you improve. The following is a list of SEO tutorials that deal with everything from SEO basics, keyword research, link building, optimization of page speed and mobile SEO.