Best programming with db for online application with a lot attachment docs

Case: My company would like to build project management of construction, this should manage all activities for each 5 stages like planning, execution, revision; the first challenge I see is the attachments documents each project have, which this can be a lot pictures from 1 to 20 or pdf, excel and doc documents. 

We have 20 users who travels a lot and need to access the information,

The company it's small and don't have buget to affort full IT team reason ask me if I as a former programmer I could do something, well for the last 5 months I created the application on access with vb, well as I predicted it's running slow and hard to install the front end and for some reason create alone a copy of the backend that it's installed on the sharepoint or sync.

Well, what I need it's present a best solution to replace access and vb where the user can update online, but the way we don't server too.



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My suggestion is to install WordPress or Drupal and search for themes or plugins

If you simply build this webinterface with a cms like WordPress or Drupal with a project management plugin enabled or theme purchased for it could speed up the process.

Search google for Project Management themes or plugins. This should not be the most complicated task.

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