Difference between foss SSL certificate and paid service1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I would like to know if the free possibility to setup an SSL certificate has any drawbacks in compare with paid services from the hosting providers. Can anybody give some information there?

How important is the keyword in the domain name?1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

i would like to know if the keyword in the domain name is a ranking signal for google. Can anybody give me detailed information about it?

Testing tool for simultanous server connections1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

Is there any testing tool to test the server and website until which number of simultanous connections the website will be carried out fast?. I remember from the past that there was a good tool...

How much bandwidth does any site need?1 year 7 monthsRafsan

Actually, I don't have any clear idea about the bandwidth. How much bandwidth is necessary for any site? Can anyone help me with that? It would be great if you can specify for what kind of site...

Tips on target group1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I want to start a job board in the open source niche. I need to run ad campaigns focused on the main target groups open source developers and companies who need programmers for their open source...

How to build a jobboard1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I want to start building a professional job board. Can anybody give me tips on doing this? Does anybody have experience in this?

How many signs are allowed to be used in the meta description?1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

There are a lot of different information regarding the meta description length out there. Can anybody give a short definition when Google begins to cut the length of a meta description?

How to add groups to Drupal 7 website1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

I want to add group functionality to a Drupal 7 website. The groups should be designed correctly and give good functionality. Users should be able to create and moderate own groups. How can this...

Is it possible to create for each forum given a group afterwards?1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I created a forum with Drupal 7. Now the forum structure is already given and the first posts dropped in. I would like to add another function to the forum so that users can add also groups to the...

What is the difference between forums and groups1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I run a Drupal 7 website forum. I set up a forum with a well-structured forum structure. I know other websites which do it in another way. They provide the possibility to add groups where a group...

SEO friendly subdomain for Drupal 7 website1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I am searching for a way to create subdomains for specific content on my website. I checked a few modules but I did not find any stable versions to make this running as it should. Can anybody tell...

Subforum list should be hidden1 year 7 monthscodenovae

In a Drupal forum of mine, I see if I click on main forum link a page where all subforums are listed collapsed first and below the questions of it. I would like to see the sub forums hidden and...

How to find the availability of a file on Go?1 year 7 monthsJunaed

I didn't find any dedicated function to check files on Go? Many languages have functions do this job. What is the best way to do so on Go?

Which libraries of D should I use?1 year 7 monthsSalehin

There are two standard libraries, Phobos and Tango on D. Is there any unified library for it? Which library should I use? Can anyone give me any insight about both of the libraries of D?

How does a thread differ from a process?1 year 7 monthsSalehin

What are the main differences between a thread and a process in Erlang? What are the advantages one provides over other? I wanted to know in which cases I should use one over another?

Open Source Shop systems1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

Can anybody recommend good Open Source Shop Systems? I want to build an online shop for home accessories. Can anybody tell me how to do this and which Shop systems are available? 

How to get good trusted backlinks?1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

It's hard these times to get good backlinks from trusted websites as most of the websites delete backlinks immediately after they find them in comments or forum posts. So how works a good backlink...

Rackspace versus Workstation server1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

I saw that many cheap hosting services use normal PC's which function as a server. That's cheaper mostly. Is there a major advantage of using real rack space? After all rack space is much more...

How to setup IPtables correct so that it increases the server security1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

I would like to setup the software firewall iptables to increase the server security of my webproject. Can anybody give me a detailed description what iptables can exactly do for me?

What exactly is Hadoop? A webserver, a database?1 year 7 monthsAndreasOS

Can anybody tell me what Hadoop is exactly? I only know that it helps to load balance big data processing if I am right. But what is it exactly? Is Hadoop a database or a webserver? Which...

Server clustering with MariaDB1 year 7 monthscodenovae

Has anybody good experience with server clustering or sharding with the MariaDB? I run a database with much data. Therefore I am looking for an alternative to MySQL. I would like to check up front...

How can I split a string on C++?1 year 7 monthsSalehin

I need to split a string and store every character in an array. I am dealing with a long string of numbers, so I want to store them in an array as the integer. I am trying to do so by not using...

What are the features that make Haskell so special?1 year 7 monthsRatul

I have noticed that experienced programmers prefer Haskell. What are the advantages it provides? With so many people with this preference means it provides some unique features what am I missing...

For what do I need Phyton as web programming language?1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I am searching for web programming languages which are relevant to learn. I found that Phyton is a web programming language for some special fields for the web. I would like to know how propagated...

What is the advantage of using Perl for web development?1 year 7 monthscodenovae

Many web projects are realized with PHP but there are also other web programming languages available like PERL. Can anybody tell me a reason for using PERL?

How can I disallow Google from indexing specific websites?1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I found at Google that many sites are indexed with no real content. I would like to disallow Google to index these sites as these sites produce duplicate meta information. How can I do this?

What is the Semrush site health?1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I analyzed a website of mine and found that the semrush site health is 83%. I do not know if this is good or bad. Can anybody explain me the details about the site health score of semrush?

Use a rounded border on HTML?1 year 7 monthsRafsan

I tried to use a rounded border. I defined the background color and then used the following code to specify the radius.

<div><border-radius : XXpx ;></div>...

How can I use the multivalued field type on Apache Solr?1 year 7 monthsJunaed

I am quiet new in Apache Solr. I am not getting the concept of multivalued field type. What is the purpose of this indexing? Can anyone help me understand the concept of multivalued field type...

How can I create a button using Java?1 year 7 monthsRatul

I want to create a button using Java. And I want to use a custom image there. How can I do that using Java?