Is it possible to rank a good website high on google without on page SEO?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I wonder if it is possible to rank a page on Google well without good on page optimization. Is it really necessary to optimize all pages to the maximum to have some good change in Google's page...

Does having several backlinks from a single page count?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Is it better to get many backlinks from many websites instead of having many backlinks from a single website? What about the link structure of the website?

Why is Google's customer service often automatic?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I wonder why the customer service of Google is in many cases more automated. But this is only true if all users will be considered as customers. How does Google consider customer service?

Does an AdWords ad campaign affect my site's ranking?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

Does whether I buy AdWords or not affect my site’s rankings? Is it helpful to run an AdWords ad campaign to improve the page's ranking on Google? 

What exactly is the SafeSearch? How does it work?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

How does SafeSearch work? Can anybody tell me what is the function of the SafeSearch? What exactly is the SafeSearch?

How to detect the reason for a drop in PageRank2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

How can I know the things that have caused a drop in PageRank? Is there any way to see exactly what caused the PageRank draw down? 

Are affiliate links negative for ranking? Do tracking pixels and cookies affect my ranking?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I am running a price comparison website and I wonder how the affiliate links affect my page's ranking? Do tracking pixels and cookies affect my SEO work?

How important are meta tags? Should I spend time on meta tags?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

How important are meta tags today? How important are meta tags for a page's ranking? Should I spend a lot of time on optimizing the meta tags of a website?

Is HTTPS a ranking signal?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Does using HTTP rather than HTTPS hurt a site’s ranking? HTTPS is more secure for the users but it also decreases the page speed of a website which is also a strong ranking signal of a website. So...

Between content or links, which is more important?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

What is more important for a page's ranking? Link building or content? Which is the most important ranking factor if those two are in comparison? 

How important is the domain age for ranking?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

What is the value of the age of a domain name? Do old domain names rank better even though no content was placed before on it? What about domains with content on it. Has the domain age a positive...

Is PageRank building a sort of spammy action?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

If I follow some backlink strategy and post comments, forum posts, blogs etc to raise the PageRank of my website. Can this be considered as some sort of spammy action which violates against the...

Has the server location an effect on Google ranking?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Does your server location affect your rankings? How important is the server location? What about international websites which have no focus on a specific location? Is the server positioning...

How important ist the keyword-positioning in the URL?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Does keyword-positioning in the URL affect a page’s ranking? Is the order of keywords in the URL an important ranking factor for Google search?

Can I see Google penalties in Webmaster Tools?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I know that there is a section where I can see if a manual action has been taken on my website. But what about penalties? Are penalties shown in Webmaster tools? How can I see if my website are...

Can product descriptions and product details be considered duplicate content?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I run a deal website where I am giving information about products. Some of the product information is always the same as stated at hundreds of other websites. This information can not be changed...

Is it good for ranking to submit website to directories?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Has it a positive effect for ranking to submit website to directories? Which directories are considered sources of paid links? Can anybody elaborate more on this?

How important is a blogroll for the reputation of a blog in Google?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

How does blogroll influence the reputation of a blog in Google? How can I make sure that the reputation of my website will not suffer from the blogroll?

Does a CDN improve international ranking of a website?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Google has some geographic targeting methods to find out for which country the content is meant for. For example the TDL of a domain name and the server IP address. But what about international...

What influence do meta-geo tags have on Google search ranking?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

How important is it to set the correct meta-geo tags for Google ranking? What about international websites? What can be done to show Google that the content is for all countries and not just for...

Register and login with Google + and Facebook2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I want to add a possibility to sign up and log in per Google+ or Facebook account. Can anybody give me detailed information how this can be done at a Drupal 7 website?

How can I debug WordPress plugins2 years 3 weeksRatul

I know how to enable ​wp-content/debug.log. But I cannot write it. How can I do that? Is there any logging method I should follow?


What is the keyword meta-tag?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I found that in my Drupal module meta-tag there is a field with the name keywords. How man Keywords should I insert there? Can it be considered as keyword stuffing if I put many keywords in it?...

Examples of wrong SEO news on the internet2 years 3 weekscodenovae

There is a lot of wrong information about SEO practice out there. Can anybody give some good examples on popular wrong SEO news?

How is it possible to migrate data from another Drupal website?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I made a conceptional mistake when I created my blog and forum websites. I opened 2 forums at 2 different domains. That's why I would like to merge these 2 websites so that they become one. Can...

When will a Google penalty end? What needs to be done?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

When are penalties lifted? I would like to know how I am able to know when a penalty from Google will be removed so that the negative effect on ranking will disappear? What can I do to undo the...

Does Google still have its 100 links limitation per web page?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Does Google still have its 100 links at most per web page requirements? I would like to discuss if old mechanism of Google algorithm still have some meaning in the new age.

How can I use Wordpress and Django at the same time?2 years 3 weeksRatul

I have a Django website where I would like to run a blog using WordPress. Is it possible to run the blog on the same site using WordPress? Is it possible to use it by setting up WordPress on a...

Is valid HTML relevant for ranking?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Is valid HTML a ranking signal for Google? Is HTML validation necessary for ranking? I wonder if Google really checks for valid HTML to decide if a website is good or not. Can anybody give some...

I want to merge 2 blogs into one domain. When changing, how long should the redirects be kept?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I made some conceptional mistakes. I created 2 forums instead of one. This means I have to follow all strategies double. I need to run a content strategy, a backlink strategy and other marketing...