How to setup IPtables correct so that it increases the server security1 year 2 monthsAndreasOS

I would like to setup the software firewall iptables to increase the server security of my webproject. Can anybody give me a detailed description what iptables can exactly do for me?

What exactly is Hadoop? A webserver, a database?1 year 2 monthsAndreasOS

Can anybody tell me what Hadoop is exactly? I only know that it helps to load balance big data processing if I am right. But what is it exactly? Is Hadoop a database or a webserver? Which...

Server clustering with MariaDB1 year 2 monthscodenovae

Has anybody good experience with server clustering or sharding with the MariaDB? I run a database with much data. Therefore I am looking for an alternative to MySQL. I would like to check up front...

How can I split a string on C++?1 year 2 monthsSalehin

I need to split a string and store every character in an array. I am dealing with a long string of numbers, so I want to store them in an array as the integer. I am trying to do so by not using...

What are the features that make Haskell so special?1 year 2 monthsRatul

I have noticed that experienced programmers prefer Haskell. What are the advantages it provides? With so many people with this preference means it provides some unique features what am I missing...

For what do I need Phyton as web programming language?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I am searching for web programming languages which are relevant to learn. I found that Phyton is a web programming language for some special fields for the web. I would like to know how propagated...

What is the advantage of using Perl for web development?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

Many web projects are realized with PHP but there are also other web programming languages available like PERL. Can anybody tell me a reason for using PERL?

How can I disallow Google from indexing specific websites?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I found at Google that many sites are indexed with no real content. I would like to disallow Google to index these sites as these sites produce duplicate meta information. How can I do this?

What is the Semrush site health?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I analyzed a website of mine and found that the semrush site health is 83%. I do not know if this is good or bad. Can anybody explain me the details about the site health score of semrush?

Use a rounded border on HTML?1 year 2 monthsRafsan

I tried to use a rounded border. I defined the background color and then used the following code to specify the radius.

<div><border-radius : XXpx ;></div>...

How can I use the multivalued field type on Apache Solr?1 year 2 monthsJunaed

I am quiet new in Apache Solr. I am not getting the concept of multivalued field type. What is the purpose of this indexing? Can anyone help me understand the concept of multivalued field type...

How can I create a button using Java?1 year 2 monthsRatul

I want to create a button using Java. And I want to use a custom image there. How can I do that using Java?

Ruby on Rails versus Apache Solr1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I need a much faster search engine at my website than MySQL. Therefore I am checking Ruby on Rails and Apache Solr. Can anybody tell me the difference of these 2 databases? What about the pros and...

What are the advantages of using ASP.NET Webforms or ASP.Net MVC?1 year 2 monthsRatul

What are the pros and cons of ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC? What are the advantages one provides over another? Which things should I consider to choose any of them? 

Rename database on Ruby on Rails1 year 2 monthsSalehin

I have created a misspelled word to name a database column. I want to rename it. I am a newcomer to Ruby on Rails. Can anyone help me with that?

How to make a backup from Apache Solr database?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

Does anybody know how to make a backup from an Apache Solr database with many millions of data sets? 

Does anyone know any marketplace for domain sale?1 year 2 monthsJunaed

I want to sell a domain. Do you know any place where I can sell domain? Are there any online marketplaces or forums where I can place my domain for sale? If they charge me some money I am ok with...

Can a Cloudbleed hack happen again?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I am thinking about signing up at Cloudflare to use their CDN. I heard about the cloudbleed hack where millions of data was accessable. Is this leak now completely closed?

Free open source video creation1 year 2 monthscodenovae

Does anybody know good video tools. I want to create video tutorials for youtube with logo and screen capturing. Can anybody help me?

How to make mobile website loading fast1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I want to inrease the page speed of my mobile webste. Can anybody give me good tips for making mobile website loading fast?

What is the best PHP coding tool?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I am searching for the best PHP coding tools. Can anybody recommend good tools for PHP coding?

Searching for pre-made WordPress projects1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I would like to start an online business but I do not want to start fron zero. Therefore I am searching for a pre-made WordPress theme which covers a specific topic. Does anybody know good pre-...

0209 for sale1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I want to sell my domain for 15000 USD. Please contact me. Save transfer with secure escrow service guaranteed.

Google SEO certificates1 year 2 monthscodenovae

Are there any online courses to achieve a google certified SEO degree or something similar to this? I would like to learn SEO the correct way. Can anybody tell me how to learn SEO so that I will...

What is the difference between Drupal PHP and normal PHP1 year 2 monthscodenovae

If I want to modify the Drupal PHP code then this does not really look like PHP. It's different from what I have learned about PHP. Is there any online tutorial how to understand the coding style...

Web progamming Master degree?1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I would like to study informatics but I do not want to study general coding. I would like to focus on web programming. Can anybody give me tips on this?

Good and cheap rack space1 year 2 monthscodenovae



I am searching for a good international web hoster. I run an international Internet Forum. Now I am searching for good and cheap Rackspace. Can anybody share his experience...

CloudFlare and SSL1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I would like to use the service of CloudFlare but I do not want to give them my private SSL key. Is it possible to run my website with existing SSL certificate with CloudFlare without changing the...

Good Apache Solr online courses1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I bought a book for Apache Solr database but I do not understand the topic fully. It's not this easy. That's why I would like to attend an online course for Apache Solr. Does anybody know a good...

App Development1 year 2 monthscodenovae

I want to build an App for my website. Does anybody know how to do this quickly? Are there any good development environments out there which speed up the development process? I would like to...