How to get automatically generated content ranked on Google search 2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I would like to know if it is still possible to get automatically generated content ranked high on Google. I run a price comparison website and many category pages show a list of products and...

Can I guaranatee my SEO clients to get ranked in search?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

How can I tell my client that a top ranking in Google can not be guaranteed? I see many agencies which tell on their website that they offer a service to rank a website in top position. But how is...

To permit Google to index pages only for specific keywords2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Is there something like a negative keyword list which can be set up to prevent Google search engine from indexing a website for specific keywords? I know there is a no-index meta-tag but this only...

Which information regarding search trends does Google foresee?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Which information regarding the search trends of my website does Google share with me? Can anybody give me good tips on how to find good valuable information which Google is willing to share with...

How many 301 redirects are allowed to be used at a website?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I am switching some content from 1 domain to another. To show Google that the content is moving I created some 301 redirects to the new destination of the content. I would like to know if there is...

Traffic gone after moving website to another host2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I would like to know if somebody has experience with switching successful domains to another host. We are facing some traffic decrease after we were switching the service to a CDN. The number of...

Why to install mod_cloudflare at my server?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I configured Cloudflare to be used for my website. This is generally working. I do not see any difference but I hope the latency will be reduced by this. I do not know how to check this. However,...

Best practise to compress JavaScript and CSS for Drupal 7 website2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

How can I minify the JavaScript and CSS data size so that it does not use this much bandwidth anymore? Can anybody give a detailed instruction on how to compress the CSS and JavaScript files of a...

I see a lot of content breakdown in Cloudflare statistics2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I am using the Cloudflare service for my website and found on the statistics page of their website an interesting chart about the content breakdown. I do not really understand what it is about....

Is Cloudflare good for ranking on search engines2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I wonder if it is good in terms of SEO to switch to a CDN. Cloudflare only caches some static data. Even HTML data will generally not be cached. So what's the benefit of using this service? Can...

How to change a domain name without loosing all PageRank?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Is it possible to change a domain name without losing all built PageRank for the website?  Is there a best practice to change a domain name? Can the negative effects regarding search engine...

What is the reason for banning pornographic websites?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I see that it is really some very bad thing to talk about sex or even pornographic things on a website just as here when it comes to SEO. Even these 2 words here can cause some negative effect in...

Is it better to use dashes or underscores in URLs?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

What is the best practice for building a URLs' path? What is better for Google ranking? Are dashes or underscores better when it comes to search engine optimisation of an page URL?

Can SEO be also considered as spam?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

What if an SEO agency does all exactly correct. It checks all the complete SEO checklist to optimize the website in each and every field. But can this not also be interpreted as a kind of spammy...

What to do if a hacker attack happend and malware infected the site's code?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Can anybody give me some tips on how to recover from a hacker attack where malware has been added to a website's code? Is there any guideline to recover best in terms of SEO and ranking? Can...

How does Google measure the pagespeed of a website=2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Does Google use their pagespeed insights results to determine whether a website is fast or slow? How does Google determine the pagespeed of a website?

Can a PDF file get SEO optimized?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

If I have some very large PDF files on my website which include a lot of text, is it then possible to optimize the PDF file so that it is search engine friendly? Can I do some SEO work on the...

How important is a backlink from DMOZ today?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

Many sites of older age have registered successfully at the DMOZ register. So they have a backlink from this DMOZ register which had a very high impact on ranking in former times. It was the star...

People are talking about a Trust Rank. What exactly is a Trust Rank and how is it possible to influece it?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I read in blogs on the Internet about the Trust Rank and that only an unknown number of authority website has an internal given Trust Rank from Google. Can anybody tell exactly what a Trust Rank...

Do spelling or grammatical mistakes lower the page's ranking?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I would like to know if a correct spelling and a correct grammatic on a website increase the probability of getting good positions in the search ranking results? Does wrong spelling or...

Is geo-targeting more easy with a .com domain?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I know that Google tries to show search results for the correct users in the correct target country. That's why a .jp domain would probably rank better in Japan instead of somewhere else. So my...

Why does Google not just delete 404 error pages from the search index?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I see sometimes 404-page errors popping up in my webmaster tools surface. I wonder why these are listed as errors there. Normally Google could just remove such sites from index without giving an...

Cloudflare statistics shows a lot of requests2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I checked the statistics from Cloudflare for one of my websites and found that there is a relative high number of requests. If I comppare the data with my analytics data then this is much higher....

Is it possible to run AMP and Cloudflare at the same time?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I want to increase the pagespeed of my Drupal 7 website. That's why I already setup Cloudflare. This did not boost the pagespeed the way I hoped for my local traffic. Now I wonder if it is...

How to setup Cloudflare so that it caches HTML content2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I would like to set up Cloudflare the way that it delivers copies of static HTML site to the users. The problem is that it is conflicting if a user is signing in. The menu bar is changing for...

How can I set up Cloudflare correctly so that it caches only anonymous traffic?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I set a Cloudflare rule to cache all sites. The problem is that this does not work at all. The frontpage is cached and if somebody tries to login the cache is delivering wrong page content....

How can I set up Cloudflare on my Drupal 7 website?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I want to set up the CDN service of Cloudflare for my Drupal 7 website. Is there any good instruction on how to do this perfectly? Can anybody help me?

Is it helpful to change file extensions to improve the search ranking?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Is it helpful to change the filename by extension to improve the search ranking? I wonder if it might boost the ranking if the file extensions have other names than .php or .html or what ever.

Should mixed content concern me if my pages are offered on HTTPS?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

If my website is not entirely secure HTTPS, will it send a negative ranking signal? How does this affect the page's ranking of my website?

How does Google determine the original source?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

Everybody is copying and is getting inspired by other original sources every day on the internet. How can Google value original sources? There are billions of websites out there. How can Google...