High quality profile for Drupal 72 years 2 weekscodenovae

Is there any module which allows to use well desiged profiles on Drupal 7 websites? I want to give jobseekers the possibility to setup a good looking profile with resume upload.

Whats the reason for Google having SEO tutorials for users?2 years 2 weeksCodemaster

Why does Google give SEO advice? Is there a strategy behind giving webmasters SEO advice? Why Google teaches people to learn about SEO?

How much does the location of a user influence the search results?2 years 2 weeksCodemaster

Does the location of a user affect search outcomes? Does Google show different search results depending on the exact position? As example: Does Google show different search results for a user from...

How relevant is a sitemap today?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

Is having a sitemap still relevant to users? I wonder if a sitemap for users is still needed at a website. Whats the benefit of having an HTML sitemap for users?

Can I select a international-target group in Webmaster Tools?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

I can select in Google Webmaster Tools a country-target group. But what if my site has an international audience? Is there any multi-country-target group in Webmaster Tools for websites with an...

How to detect user country at Drupal 7 website2 years 2 weekscodenovae

Is there any module to detect the country the user is coming from for a Drupal 7 website. I want to preselect the country the user come from in a search form.

How much content does a website need to get ranked?2 years 2 weekscodenovae

Is there a threshold for the amount of content on a website to rank well in Google search? Or is it also possible to rank only sepecific sites if they are really good?

What needs to be done to run a E-Mail provider legally correct?2 years 2 weekscodenovae

I want to build an E-Mail provider website legally correct. Does anybody know what to do to make it correctly? I do not want to get in trouble by law.

E-Mail provider theme for Drupal or WordPress2 years 2 weekscodenovae

Does anybody know a good E-Mail provider theme for Drupal or WordPress? Iwould like to build an E-Mail provider website. Can anybody give good tips on this?

What changed to the long-tail search algorithm?2 years 2 weeksCodemaster

Many webmasters detected a change for long-tail keyword website content in search result ranking. Can anybody elaborate more on this topic to clarify what Google changed in their algorithm ...

Does Google Analytics have a negative effect on SEO?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I would like to know if the use of Google Analytics may have a negative effect on SEO of a website. Is it for example slowing down the page speed and thus be negative for the ranking?

How to setup AMP for Drupal correctly2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I already installed the module AMP for Drupal and the AMP theme for Drupal also. Also the AMP PHP library is installed on the server. I checked if it is a valid AMP website with Google but it says...

Can CDNs have a positive effect on SEO of international websites?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I wonder if a CDN service can have a positive effect on SEO of the website. Can anybody prove evidence that a CDN is really a good idea?

Do external links with nofollow attribute crash PageRank on a frontpage of a website2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I would like to know if external links with nofollow attribute in content has a negative SEO effect. Do nofollow links in content reduce the PageRank of a website?

AJAX response to set cookie2 years 3 weeksJunaed

Is it possible to get a response from AJAX to set a cookie? Do I need anything else like JS to get this done?

How to compress the header grafic of a website without decreasing the quality2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I want to optimize some pictures on my website. I have some very big header graphic which has also gradient effect. This graphic has more than 100KB. I would like to compress this header graphic ...

Is it possible to cache pictures from Cloudflare but no HTML?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

As default Cloudflare does not cache HTML. I checked once to enable this but it's conflicting with the dynamic content. That's why I would like to know how I am able to let Cloudflare cache the...

How realistic are the shown statistics of the keyword planer?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

How much traffic is generated by marketers? If the numbers of the keyword planner are correct then keywords exist which are searched heavily each month again and again from new. But how much...

I heard that hackers often get access over the htpaccess 2 years 3 weekscodenovae

I heard that hackers often get access to the htaccess file to infiltrate the system. Is there a way to protect this file or to move it somehow to make it more difficult for hackers to alter this...

I would like to change the user and admin directory of Drupal 72 years 3 weekscodenovae

I would like to change the user and admin directory path name of Drupal 7 to exclude some nasty bots from trying to get in. Is there any way to do this in Drupal 7?

Is it a problem to use 2 different websites with the same database?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

If I use the same version of a website but showing it different to users by different domain and different website template but with the same backend and database, will this violate so good SEO...

Has Google any tips on how to protect blog websites from getting hacked?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I would like to know if there is any statement direct from Google which tells me what I can do to hack proof my blog website? Can anybody give some good tips on this?

Should I only allow Google to index a chosen number of SEO optimized pages on my website?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I wonder if it might be helpful to set noindex attribute to pages which are not particularly optimized for the search engines. For example, if I specialize on some pages where I optimize the page...

Should I set nofollow or dofollow attribute for internal links of my website?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I wonder how important it is to set the correct attribute for internal links. Is it better to set a nofollow attribute or to put a dofollow attribute for the internal links I post on my website?...

Is the ranking in different browsers the same?2 years 3 weeksCodemaster

I wonder if the ranking of my website is the same in different browsers? Are there different criteriums to show the search results for different browsers? 

Did the PageRank algorithm change? 2 years 3 weekscodenovae

What about the old domain? Do they take profit of old PageRank history? I see that very old domain have in most cases very high PageRank. I wonder why these domain still carry a lot of PageRank as...

Has Google a cost free tool to find the ranking for the websites's keywords?2 years 3 weekscodenovae

Is there any free tool from Google site which shows the ranking of the websites' keyword ranking? I know there are some good SEO suits and tools out there which cover these fields but these are...

Does a domain's history affect the page's rank in search engines like Google?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

What effect does a domain's history have on Google’s trust? Can it be helpful to purchase domain which was very successful in the past but was sold because of privacy issues or whatever? Can I...

Does the PageRank of a Twitter profile page count in terms of SEO?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

If I have a great Twitter profile which has some good PageRank because very popular websites linked to it, is this then automatically good for my website ranking? Is this a ranking factor? I heard...

Why does the statistics of webmaster tools does not match with the search results?2 years 3 weeksAndreasOS

I see sometimes a difference between the ranking shown in Google webmaster tools and the experience I am doing when I search the web. Additionally, I see sometimes weird data. For example, some...