What is the best hiring plattform for open source developers?11 months 2 weeksThe Code

I am always searching new staff for my company. What is the best hiring plattform for open source talents? I want to outsource jobs to freelancers.

How can I show drupal blocks at forum website ?11 months 2 weeksCodemaster

I want to show at right-hand site of website blocks which show some content like google ads and other things like the most recent forum posts. How can I do this?

Show Fivestar Voting in a specific position of a view11 months 2 weeksThe Code

I want to show the 5 Star Voting in a drupal 7 based website. The 5 star voting should be shown in a specific position of a view. How can I do it. I want to show the 5 Star Voting direct below the...

Welcome e-mail template in english language11 months 2 weekstuckeranddale

I changed the welcome e-mail text in drupal earlier. Now I would like to use the english version again but I do not know where to find a correct e-mail text for the welcome email text. I am no...

I changed the domain name in Plesk but nothing happens11 months 2 weekstuckeranddale

I want to change the domain name of a website. I handle the administration of the server with Plesk. There I changed the domain name to the new name but nothing happens. Does anybody know how to...

Adding comments to answers in drupal 711 months 2 weekstuckeranddale

I run a drupal 7 website with a question and answer functionallity. For this the module answers is in use. Now I want, that users can post also comments to answers. Is this possibel? Does a modul...

Showing banner when Google AdSense space is blanck for Druapl 711 months 2 weeksCodemaster

Is there a module which allows to show an alternative banner if Google AdSence banners are not deliverd correctly somehow? Sometimes wehn I visit my Website I see the blank space because Google...

Question and answer exchange programme with drupal 711 months 2 weeksCodemaster

I want to create a question and answer exchange programme für my drupal 7 website. I installed the Fivestar module, so that users can vote answers. Now i want to give each user a score. The higher...

File temporary://update-extraction-1496cf9c/ds/ already exists and is write protected Drupal Modul Update failure11 months 2 weekstuckeranddale

I tried to update some modules at my Drupal 7 based Website. Now i get some failure warning. The error message looks like this:

  • File temporary://update-extraction-1496cf9c/...
How can I add html siganture to Answers in Drupal 711 months 2 weekscodenovae

I would like to add a possibility to add a signature in forum posts. My forum was realized with the answers modul so that it is no real standard forum. Is it possible to add a signature so that...

How can i set in drupal 7 all links in forum to rel="nofollow" automatically11 months 2 weeksCodemaster

I run a forum and people are allowed to insert links in their posts. Is there a way to set all links in forum posts automaticaly to rel="nofollow"? The website was realized with drupal 7 CMS.

Drupal does not send emails anymore11 months 2 weekscodenovae

Drupal stopped suddenly sending emails. I found that users could not register due to email sending problems at website. I checked the dns records and compared them with another domain. There all...

Select list option only shows one forum instance1 year 2 monthsAndreasOS

I run a forum and i want that users can select by selectbox the forums and subforums. The problem is that the widget slect list only allows to select a main forum. All subforums are not selectable...

Is it possible to create Drupal App per Modul?1 year 2 monthsCodemaster

I would like to build an App for my Drupal Website. Is there an easy way to do it? Maby a modul to create a app out of the mobile drupal website exists. Can anybody help me out?

Increase disk quota drupal 71 year 2 monthsAndreasOS

I want to increase the disk quota per user from Drupal 7.  Now I face the problem that users can only upload a few images to the server from the website until the disk quota of 2MB is reached....

piwik/matomo dsgvo 1 year 2 monthsAndreasOS

I disabled Google Analytics on my website as dsgvo made it even more difficult for me to use a service like Google Analytics as it stores data from my website users. Its possible to anonymize the...

Multiligual Drupal 7 website1 year 3 monthsCodemaster

I want to realize a multilingual Drupal 7 website. I have only a .com domain and i would like to show different data and a different frontend language for each page. I don't want to change the URL...

Lets Encrypt SSL from plesk is not working1 year 3 monthsAndreasOS

I run a drupal based website and set it up in plesk. I enabled the Lets Encrypt SSL offered for free by plesk but it has no effect. The url is still only http instead of https. Can anybody help me...

Drupal Error "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."1 year 3 monthsAndreasOS

I copied a drupal 7 website with plesk and phpmyadmin and got the following error: "The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.". How can I fix this issue. I already...

Why do hosting providers often fear IRC?1 year 11 monthsAndreasOS

I heard often from hosting providers that they disallow IRC on their servers. So it's hard to rent a server where services use the Internet Relay Chat protocol. Can anybody give a plausible reason...

Cloudflares' challenge is blocking website permantently2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

I already set the security level of Cloudflare to essentially off and cleared also the browser cache. I am still seeing always a challenge page if I try to post comments or try to update posts....

How can I switch of the feed of Drupal?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

I cloned a basic setup from Drupal 7 and filled it with new data. The problem is that a feed existed from the older website. As the content is not available at the new website it returns 404 for...

Has cloudhosting an effect on ranking?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

What effect does migrating my site to "the cloud" have on my listings? Is it better to host a website on a dedicated host or on a cloud? Which method is better in terms of SEO?

How important is page speed to get a website ranked top in search engines?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

Is speed more important than relevance? Does anybody know how important the ranking factor page speed is? Is it even more important than the content relevance itself?  How much priority does...

How valuable are backlinks from social media websites?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

How does Google rate links from websites like Twitter or Facebook? Does anybody know how important the backlinks from Facebook, twitter, and co are? Is it a ranking factor to get good links within...

How to use breadcrumbs correctly2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

Which best practices should I keep in mind when using breadcrumbs? Can anybody give some good tips about how to use breadcrumbs correctly? Is using breadcrumbs a good SEO practice? Does it improve...

Which Google algorithm changes are planned?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

Can anybody give details on the planned updates of the Google ranking algorithm? Whats the goal for the future? Does anybody know a source on the internet where some information is given?

Does the data from Google Analytics affect page ranking?2 years 2 weekscodenovae

Does the data of Google Analytics affect page rank? I would like to know if I can use Google Analytics without having to fear that it harms my page ranking.

Is a tag cloud helpful for SEO?2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

Do tag clouds help or hinder SEO? I would like to know if search engines like tag clouds or if they harm the SEO of a website. Can anybody give good information on this?

Share access to webmaster tools2 years 2 weeksAndreasOS

I would like to share the access to my webmaster tools for specific domains. I would like to grant access to an SEO agency and allow to edit the things there. How to do it?