Good Drupal 7 page statistic modules2 years 2 monthsCodebutcher

Does anybody know good page statistic modules for a Drupal 7 website? The "UserOnline block" does only show logged in users. Iwould also like to see anonymous users online and other page...

Good forum moduls for Drupal 72 years 2 monthsThe Code

I created a forum website with the Drupal 7 cms. I installed the advanced forum module and this works great. Now I would like to enhance the functionallity of the forum. Therefore I am searching...

Integration of Apache Solr search into Drupal 7 website2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I run a Drupal 7 website with thousands forum posts per day. Search is beginning to get really slow. Thats why I want to integrate the Apache Solr search into my website. does anybody know how to...

Do external links still reduce the pagerank of a website ?2 years 2 monthsSkywalker

I read in SEO books that external links of a website reduce the pagerank of the website where the links are posted. I do not really understand why google should behave this way as external links...

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP ?2 years 2 monthsSkywalker

I read in webmaster tools of google that Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP is not installed on my page. I heard the first time about this new technic. Does anybody know how I can install this?

Is it possible to turn normal tags into semantic tags?2 years 2 monthsCodebutcher

I run a drupal 7 forum. Each forum has its own tag by drupal default. Now I would like to know if it is possible to turn these tags automatically into real senantic tags to make searchengines...

Does anybody know an open source picture library?2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I am running a lot of internet projects and I purchased many picture licenses in the past. This was very expensive. Now I am searching for an open source picture library where I can download and...

How can I hide menue at drupal 7 website2 years 2 monthsSkywalker

I would like to hide drupal standart menu for editing content but only for normal users. Admin should stil see this menu? Does anybody know how to do this?

Forum topics are not included into xml sitemap of drupal 72 years 2 monthsSkywalker

I use the XML sitemap module of Drupal 7. The problem is that the existing forum topics are not included into sitemap somehow. In the settings of this module, I checked "include forum topics" with...

How can I add a contact form to a drupal 7 website ?2 years 2 monthsCodebutcher

I would like to offer the users of my drupal 7 website a contact form, How can I do this?

Ranking signals of google search engine2 years 2 monthsCodebutcher

I would like to collect here a list of ranking signals from the google search. Does anybody know more ranking signals? I will list here all ranking signals I know. But I can not say if this...

How to integrate CopyScape modul in drupal 7 website2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I want to integrate the CopyScape premium service into my drupal 7 based website. Can anybody give me tips? I want to run a forum software and I need to verify that content posted there is no...

Whats the benifit of cloudflare for small websites?2 years 2 monthsThe Code

I plan to run an international question and answer forum. Now I want to make sure that the site will load fast everywhere on the planet. I am thinking about using a cdn for this purpose. I am not...

Good cdn services2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I am searching for a good cdn-service. I already know cloudflare but I need to make sure that my website has a valid SSL-certification. Does anybody know other good cdn-services than cloudflare ...

Does existing SSL-certificate work with cloudflare ?2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I plan to setup a cloudflare cdn for an international project. Now the site has a valid SSL-Certificate. I found that only expensive subscription plans offer SSL-Certification there. My question...

Content above the fold2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I would like to know if google has a problem if content is not in the visible area. For example I have a big header grafic without real useful content but the real conten of website is only...

What is the best hiring plattform for open source developers?2 years 2 monthsThe Code

I am always searching new staff for my company. What is the best hiring plattform for open source talents? I want to outsource jobs to freelancers.

How can I show drupal blocks at forum website ?2 years 2 monthsCodemaster

I want to show at right-hand site of website blocks which show some content like google ads and other things like the most recent forum posts. How can I do this?

Show Fivestar Voting in a specific position of a view2 years 2 monthsThe Code

I want to show the 5 Star Voting in a drupal 7 based website. The 5 star voting should be shown in a specific position of a view. How can I do it. I want to show the 5 Star Voting direct below the...

Welcome e-mail template in english language2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I changed the welcome e-mail text in drupal earlier. Now I would like to use the english version again but I do not know where to find a correct e-mail text for the welcome email text. I am no...

I changed the domain name in Plesk but nothing happens2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I want to change the domain name of a website. I handle the administration of the server with Plesk. There I changed the domain name to the new name but nothing happens. Does anybody know how to...

Adding comments to answers in drupal 72 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I run a drupal 7 website with a question and answer functionallity. For this the module answers is in use. Now I want, that users can post also comments to answers. Is this possibel? Does a modul...

Showing banner when Google AdSense space is blanck for Druapl 72 years 2 monthsCodemaster

Is there a module which allows to show an alternative banner if Google AdSence banners are not deliverd correctly somehow? Sometimes wehn I visit my Website I see the blank space because Google...

Question and answer exchange programme with drupal 72 years 2 monthsCodemaster

I want to create a question and answer exchange programme für my drupal 7 website. I installed the Fivestar module, so that users can vote answers. Now i want to give each user a score. The higher...

File temporary://update-extraction-1496cf9c/ds/ already exists and is write protected Drupal Modul Update failure2 years 2 monthstuckeranddale

I tried to update some modules at my Drupal 7 based Website. Now i get some failure warning. The error message looks like this:

  • File temporary://update-extraction-1496cf9c...
How can I add html siganture to Answers in Drupal 72 years 2 monthscodenovae

I would like to add a possibility to add a signature in forum posts. My forum was realized with the answers modul so that it is no real standard forum. Is it possible to add a signature so that...

How can i set in drupal 7 all links in forum to rel="nofollow" automatically2 years 2 monthsCodemaster

I run a forum and people are allowed to insert links in their posts. Is there a way to set all links in forum posts automaticaly to rel="nofollow"? The website was realized with drupal 7 CMS.

Drupal does not send emails anymore2 years 2 monthscodenovae

Drupal stopped suddenly sending emails. I found that users could not register due to email sending problems at website. I checked the dns records and compared them with another domain. There all...

Select list option only shows one forum instance2 years 6 monthsAnonymous (not verified)

I run a forum and i want that users can select by selectbox the forums and subforums. The problem is that the widget slect list only allows to select a main forum. All subforums are not selectable...

Is it possible to create Drupal App per Modul?2 years 6 monthsCodemaster

I would like to build an App for my Drupal Website. Is there an easy way to do it? Maby a modul to create a app out of the mobile drupal website exists. Can anybody help me out?