Good Apache Solr online courses2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I bought a book for Apache Solr database but I do not understand the topic fully. It's not this easy. That's why I would like to attend an online course for Apache Solr. Does anybody know a good...

App Development2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I want to build an App for my website. Does anybody know how to do this quickly? Are there any good development environments out there which speed up the development process? I would like to...

How to integrate Amazon Api data into search of website2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I run a price comparison website. Now I would like to integrate the product data of Amazon into search so that people do not only find results from our database but also from Amazon API. I did not...

What is the best open source cms system?2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I want to create a new website from scratch. I heard that there are very good pre-build website construction kits out there. If I read about these CMS I always hear about Drupal, WordPress, Joomla...

Can you give me feedback for Geizhammel.de2 years 8 monthsadmin

My team developed the website It is a price comparison website. Now I would like to get some feedback how I am able to improve the website. For now, I have nearly zero users at...

1518 for sale2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I want to sell my domain name for 3000USD  If you are interested get in touch with me

0578 for sale2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I want to sell my domain name for 50000 USD. If you are interested please get in touch with me.

0584 Price comparison website for sale2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I want to sell my Drupal 7 based price comparison website which uses a whole bunch of technic. The development process was done in a team of 3 developers for about 3 years. Here are some key...

Good Drupal 7 Coding tutorials2 years 8 monthscodenovae

I would like to learn how to code custom modules for Drupal 7. Are there any good advanced online courses available which teach me to get an expert in Drupal 7 coding?

What is Net-Neutrality?2 years 8 monthsRatul

Can anyone explain me what Net Neutrality is? What effects does it have on Web contents? Should we be concerned about it?

Is CSS3 animation resource hungry?2 years 8 monthsRatul

Is CSS3 animation behind high cpu usage? If so, is there a way to reduce it?

I need some open source CSS framework2 years 8 monthsRatul

There are thousands of them on the web. I need your help to find the best one. Please share your thoughts on framework. You don't have to list 10 or 20 best frameworks, just mention those you like...

SEO tutorials by Matt Cutts2 years 8 monthscodenovae

Matt Cutts was the chef of the web spam team from Google. He was engaged in the development of the code of Googles search algorithm. He published many tutorials regarding SEO and recommendations...

Where can I get Joomla Template?2 years 8 monthsRatul

I need to find a template to use on my Joomla. Can anyone help me providing the source of such template? I can find the best suited by myself.

Is There any difference between JRE and JDK?2 years 8 monthsRatul

The question says it all. What is the role of of them. On the basis of their role, for what purpose should I choose JRE and vice versa?

How can I transfer files between two remote linux server?2 years 8 monthsRatul

I have to transfer files from one remote remote server to another remote server. Both servers run on linux. I have root access to both. How can I copy the files? It would be a great help.

Should I use open source MySQL or commercial services like MS SQL or Oracle?2 years 8 monthsRatul

For any database management, what is a good idea? Is there any benefit of using commercial services over open source alternative

Is there any way to clear Cache of Nginx?2 years 8 monthsRatul

I  have a front server runs on Nginx. I have changed some configurations. But I noticed, Nginx kept the caches of old configurations. If I be more specific, I changes some CSS files. I tried to...

What is the right way to use Margin and Padding in CSS?2 years 8 monthsRatul

I don’t get the difference between margin and padding in CSS. And that's why I cannot implement the margin and padding correctly. Is there any rule to follow to apply margin and padding in CSS?...

Cannot login after I changed my Drupal 7 Server2 years 8 monthsRatul

I had to change my site running on Drupal 7 to a new hosting. But the problem is, I cannot log in afterwards. I didn’t change any server configuration. I tried to overcome the situation...

Browse and upload pictures from home pc2 years 9 monthscodenovae

I run a Drupal 7 based internet forum. Now I can only show pictures in posts if I upload before per fdp program. I want to browse and upload pictures directly from my home pc. How can I do this?...

Can anybody share the experience in building an online business website?2 years 9 monthscodenovae

I want to start my own website. I am relatively new in the branch and I do not know how to start building a website. Can anybody give me some suggestions?