Is There any difference between JRE and JDK?1 year 7 monthsRatul

The question says it all. What is the role of of them. On the basis of their role, for what purpose should I choose JRE and vice versa?

How can I transfer files between two remote linux server?1 year 7 monthsRatul

I have to transfer files from one remote remote server to another remote server. Both servers run on linux. I have root access to both. How can I copy the files? It would be a great help.

Should I use open source MySQL or commercial services like MS SQL or Oracle?1 year 7 monthsRatul

For any database management, what is a good idea? Is there any benefit of using commercial services over open source alternative

Is there any way to clear Cache of Nginx?1 year 7 monthsRatul

I  have a front server runs on Nginx. I have changed some configurations. But I noticed, Nginx kept the caches of old configurations. If I be more specific, I changes some CSS files. I tried to...

What is the right way to use Margin and Padding in CSS?1 year 7 monthsRatul

I don’t get the difference between margin and padding in CSS. And that's why I cannot implement the margin and padding correctly. Is there any rule to follow to apply margin and padding in CSS?...

Cannot login after I changed my Drupal 7 Server1 year 7 monthsRatul

I had to change my site running on Drupal 7 to a new hosting. But the problem is, I cannot log in afterwards. I didn’t change any server configuration. I tried to overcome the situation...

Browse and upload pictures from home pc1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I run a Drupal 7 based internet forum. Now I can only show pictures in posts if I upload before per fdp program. I want to browse and upload pictures directly from my home pc. How can I do this?...

Can anybody share the experience in building an online business website?1 year 7 monthscodenovae

I want to start my own website. I am relatively new in the branch and I do not know how to start building a website. Can anybody give me some suggestions?